Talk about the happiest day in your life

Talk about the happiest day in your life

  1. What was the event

  2. What you did

  3. Where and when it happened With whom you enjoyed

  4. Explain why it was important/ Why you felt happy

SAMPLE ANSWER OF(Talk about the happiest day in your life)

In one’s life, we often experience enormous good and bad days. The experience of my recent happiest day I would like to share today is when I was able to submit my LLM dissertation. Where hard work of more than a year paid me off. Being a student of one of the nation’s best law faculty, I was very tense to gain the approval of my guide. She is a member of many organizations was able to spare hardly ten minutes for me. But after receiving her signature, my thesis was ready to be submitted and eventually final evaluation. It was such a joyous occasion that I instantly called my best friend and celebrated at a cafe with coffee and pastry. I was elated as being the first member of my family to post-graduation. It is still a matter of pride to me.

Part 3 – Follow Up Questions
1. What is the relationship between money and happiness?
Though in today’s competitive life, money and happiness is presumed to walk together. As money does provides us materialistic happiness but the overall concept of being happy is beyond the scope of money.

2. Do you think money is important?
Yes, money is important. But one should not overrate it. And consider seeking happiness in small activities of mundane routine such as enjoying an ice cream, strolling in the garden.

3. Do most Indian people think that money is important?
India being a developing nation, its citizens do consider money as vital. But times are changing now. Occupations that aid in mental satisfaction are considered financial. And only a small section of society struggle to earn basic pay.


This is the end of speaking( Talk about the happiest day in your life)

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