Describe a Teacher From the Past Whom You Remember

Describe a teacher from the past whom you remember

 You should say

  • what class the teacher taught you and how old you were
  • what subject he/she taught you
  • what this teacher’s special qualities were
  • and explain why still you remember this teacher.

Sample Answer of Describe a Teacher From the Past Whom You Remember

Well, during my school period, I had come across different teachers who were equally hard-working as well as intelligent. But here, I would like to speak about a teacher who had an everlasting impact on my psyche. He was my language teacher. Actually, he was a retired army officer, and he used to teach me a foreign language. I still remember that when he used to teach us, I was just turned into the eighth standard, and I was a teenager. I liked that person because he was committed to his duties and was very persuasive. Moreover, he was compassionate enough as well as his love for the teaching profession made the children like him. He helped every student in learning the English language because at that time, speaking English fluently was not everybody’s cup of tea. Because children escaped from attending English class, but he introduced different techniques to teach students via word puzzles, rearranging words as well as debates, and some group discussions were also organised by him.

We learnt English in a very easy way, and I still remember that teacher because whatever the level of English now I have, it is due to the efforts of my English teacher. He motivated us to take part in creative writing competitions as well as calligraphy competitions, and I always won first prize in a creative writing competition, and although now I have grown up, I do participate in any competition which is organised in my city. So I give the whole credit to my language teacher, who made me a natural speaker instead of a robot learner. In addition, the qualities that I acquired from my teacher are unparalleled. Because I learnt social skills, ethical values from my teacher. I still remember that near the library, there was an honesty shop that was organised to build integrity as well as humanitarian gesture among children so that they could become productive members of society. So this was the teacher whom I still remember, and I admire them a lot for his good teaching skills.

Follow-ups Describe a Teacher From the Past Whom You Remember.

Question 1. What kind of person, in your opinion, makes a good teacher?

Answer – I think a person who is dedicated as well as his vast knowledge about his or her subject then a person can be told a good teacher. Apart from it, a person that has compassion as well as a passion for his teaching profession, then certain qualities of a person makes him a good teacher.

Question 2. Why do some people choose to become teachers?

Answer – Some people choose to become teachers because they find it a knowledgeable professional. They are attracted by the normal working hours of the schools. They are respected by society members.

Question 3. Do you think the education process will change in the future? How?

Answer – Yes, there are higher chances of a change in the education process. In future, education will be delivered to the pupils online, and technology will be used more. Traditional ways of teaching the students will eliminate thoroughly from the teaching process.

Question 4. How does technology affect education?

Answer – Technology, in fact, has greatly affected education. Now students are educated via using the internet. Student’s computer skills have enhanced, and they are getting dependent on technology; instead of the conventional way of learning.

Question 5. Who do you think should be responsible for teaching manners and good behaviour to young children – parents or teachers? Why?

Answer – I think parents are more responsible for teaching juveniles about good manners and good behaviour. Parents are the first teacher of their children. So children learn valuable things from their parents and imparting moral values start from their home. The other skill they learn from their teachers.

Question 6. what modern techniques should teachers adopt to make the teaching more fun and intuitive, especially for children?

Answer – Well, teachers should use technology in order to make students learn every subject easily. The usage of an overhead projector is very beneficial for the students to know about the historical period as well as the geography of any country. Moreover, field trips can also be helpful in facilitating the education of the children.

Question 7. How has education changed in your country in the last ten years?

Answer – A dramatic increase could be seen in the change of the educational system. Earlier education was teacher-centred, but now it is people-centred. Now teachers teach the students according to their needs. Moreover, now technology is used excessively than in the past. Now learners have access to the internet, which was not possible in the past, so a great change has been experienced in the education system.

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