Describe a Time when Someone Apologized to You: Recent Speaking Test

Describe a time when someone apologized to you. You should say:

  • When did this happen?
  • What you were doing?
  • Who apologized to you?
  • and explain why they apologized to you.

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when Someone Apologized to You

Mistakes are a part of everyone’s life, and each and every individual has the habit of making mistakes, either intentionally or unintentionally. Talk about one situation where one of the most important people in my life apologized to me for something that was not in me, and this incident happened during my college days.

We all went to a movie theatre to watch an interesting movie which also happened to be my favourite one, and that is the beauty and the beast seated in the cinema hall. Unfortunately, my friend took my mobile to take the photos, and it was put mistakenly she the phone collapsed from her hand, and It was a drastic experience for me because my mobile stopped working and the screen guard shattered into pieces.

It completely stopped working and immediately said sorry to me and in deep pain that my mobile was broken it is a very special object as it was gifted to the family during my birthday.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Time when Someone Apologized to You

Question 1:- What kinds of people are most likely to say sorry?

Answer – Most people they tell sorry when they come at any kind of mistake. However, I believe that people who are fragile and sensitive tend to say sorry very often because they don’t want to misinterpret other people’s feelings. They don’t want to cause any conversion relationship with the other person.

Question 2:- In what situations do you think people need to (or, should) apologize?

Answer – Any kind of situations there is many kinds of situations where people have to apologize sometimes if by mistakenly if we stamp a person’s food or if they take their object and put it down by mistake. In such casual scenarios, people have to say sorry, and there are other situations where people want blunders. They don’t like the comet blenders, so in that situation, people have to apologize immediately.

Question 3:- What do you think of those people who don’t apologize very often?

Answer – I believe those people are arrogant and so proud of themselves in some scenarios in which even they apologize. Well, on the flip side, those people feel that they are on top of the world, and they don’t want to say sorry or express these kinds of emotions situation might be who are suffering from anxiety are scared to express their feelings kinds of people they are don’t tell sorry.

Question 4:- Is it important to say sorry?

Answer – Yes, sorry is the most crucial part of anyone’s life; whether it is done wanted, or unintentionally a person commits a crime and doesn’t apologize, then there can be a threat to their relationship. Well, an individual needs to apologize immediately.

Question 5:- Why do some people hate to say sorry?

Answer – As I said earlier, people believe they rule the world and are on top of everyone else. They also consider others as inferiors periodic complex that they are proud of themselves and they don’t want to lend their hand to someone else, so they want to be happy and proud and be content with themselves rather than saying sorry, and they might feel controlled if they express their emotions as well.

Question 6:- When do people say thank you?

Answer – There are so many scenarios where people often tell thank you. If I borrow a pen or I tell a person any piece of information which they have asked for, thank you. Similarly, if helpers did in a very crucial situation, they are very happy and content in that kind of situation, and also they tell thank you. I also tell you you’re always welcome.

Question 7:- When was the last time you found it hard to accept an apology?

Answer – There was an incident where I was waiting for my friend at a restaurant it was so difficult for me because I had to put all my and came up to meet my friend but another hand she was very rude and did not inform me that she had some other plants so out of the blue she called me and said that I am having some of the plants. It is difficult for me to catch up that day sorry I could not accept that.

Question 8:- In what scenarios should we apologize instantly?

Answer – There are so many situations. Firstly if we cause any trouble or pain to any person, we need to immediately apologize. Secondly, if we don’t score good marks on the exam, we may have to say sorry to our parents because they invest a lot in our studies, including by saying that mistake or a crime e the law of the government.

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