As Most Foreign Aid Often Benefits the Donor More than The Receiver

As Most Foreign Aid Often Benefits the Donor More than The Receiver, Developing Countries Should Refuse to Repay Their Debts. to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

Nowadays, many developed countries usually support other developing nations to solve many problems, making the relationships of many countries more balanced. From my perspective, I strongly believe that some benefits are brought for both donor and receiver.

Firstly, developing nations might face many barriers when they have to repay the money they receive from other nations. For instance, they have a reduction in the budget, which negatively affects their economy. Developing countries might face many big problems. At the same time, developed countries can have many benefits from this situation of developing nations. For example, in a way to earn much more money, they can take more interest in money which they give as help to developing countries.

However, I think most developing countries have many benefits. If developing nations face some crises, such as epidemic diseases, war and natural disasters, they will need help from other developed countries. By receiving financial aid, they will develop infrastructure to improve their quality of life. Moreover, it helps to support local companies to develop a good economy.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that both the donor and receiver countries have received many benefits equally.

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