Describe a Time when You Helped Someone

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Describe a Time when You Helped Someone

Describe a time when you helped someone. You should say

  • When did you help?
  • How did you help?
  • How do you feel after helping?

Sample: Describe a Time When You Helped Someone

I vehemently believe that what goes around what comes around here. I would like to talk about the help I provided to my cousin who chose the engineering field. He faced a predicament while choosing which field, and he came to my house on Sunday.

He was worried about which field I should choose, so I suggested he choose engineering because nowadays we rely on mobile phones and electronic gadgets, so every business and supermarket need more engineers to develop software and website.

I suggested he choose an information technology engineer. I explained to him how to enter engineering college. First, he wanted to crack the JEE exam, which is the entrance exam for every student who chooses to engineer if he gets 100 plus marks, he gets a good college then I share my engineering journey.

I completed my graduation in information technology. I said all my notes and project. I told him which subjects he chose to get better grades in, and the future job market is very competitive nowadays.

People do not easily get a well-paid job, so if you have a good subject, you will get a better job. He was over the moon, and he chose to engineer. That is a help which I provide to my cousin.

Follow-up: Describe a Time When You Helped Someone

Question 1: Do you like helping others?

Answer:- I have an affinity towards helping others, especially older people who cross the roads and can lift bags, so I help them.

Question 2: Do you think people are less willing to help others these days compared to the past?

Answer:- Yes, nowadays, individuals are less willing to assist others because they are busy in life, while in the past, people used to help each other. For example, my father told me that I helped older people who suffered from illness.

Question 3: Do people today trust others as much as they used to in the past?

Answer:- Trusting is disappearing today because frauds escalate, and many people face predicaments while trusting others. To exemplify, my uncle trusted one man. The man told him about finance, and my uncle gave me money, and now he does not pick up the call.

Question 4: How do people in your community help each other?

Answer:- In my community, people help each other with money and medicine, and others run welfare organizations so that needy people get help.

Question 5: In your view, should children be taught to help others?

Answer:- Why not? Children must learn to help others because they are future generations. Children can learn those things from teachers and parents.

Question 6: In your opinion, how can we encourage children to help others?

Answer:- There are manifold ways to encourage children to help others. First, start with giving chocolate when completed help. Second, grandparents tell the story that if we help others, god gives the person who helps us.

Question 7: What about students? How can students, such as high school students, help each other?

Answer:- Most students focus on education, so they haven’t time, but when they get the time, they should help their parents with home chores and help their grandparents who suffer from backache so they do not carry heavy bags, so students carry bags.

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