Describe a Time when You Lost Something and Then Got It Back: Speaking Cue Card

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Describe a Time when You Lost Something and Then Got It Back Speaking Cue Card

Describe a time when you lost something and then got it back

  • What did you lose?
  • How did you lose it?
  • Where did you find it?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You Lost Something and Then Got It Back

Well, there are a lot of things I have lost in the past, but the one I can remember vividly was my notebook, I was in my final year in nursing school, and I was preparing for my final exams; notes are essential during this period, I took one of my books to the hospital when I was going for clinical posting, then I dropped my bag at the nurse’s station after work o was eager to pick up my bag and return to the hospital.

However, the ward was busy that day, and I could not read anything. On getting there, my bag was nowhere to be found, I looked for it in every nook and cranny, and I also asked people about it, but I couldn’t find it. I was devastated; I left for my hostel; on getting home, I got a call from our chief nursing officer that they found my bag.

Moreover, I do not know how but I was so happy that somehow they found it, I was able to prepare well for my exams, and I came out with flying colours.

Follow Up Questions Describe a Time when You Lost Something and Then Got It Back

Question 1:- Why do some people lose their things?

Answer – Well, it depends while some people are forgetful, other people lose things because they are stressed out. It depends on the individual.

Question 2:- What kinds of things do people usually lose?

Answer – Some people lose things that are important to them and that they use every day, such as phones, computer and their bag pack.

Question 3:- What can people do to avoid losing their stuff?

Answer – Well, I think they can be more careful and take note of their things. Also, some people set alarms to be aware that they have all their stuff.

Question 4:- What would you do if you saw something valuable that didn’t belong to you on the street?

Answer – I will find a means of returning it to the owner. If it’s someone I know, I will give the person directly. If not, I would return it to the nearest police station.

Question 5:- What kinds of things have you lost so far?

Answer – Well, I’m a very detailed person; I take note of all my stuff at the end of every day, so I don’t usually lose my things, except when I was 20 years, I lost my phone then.

Question 6:- What do you usually do to look for lost items?

Answer – I ensure people there are aware of being sure if they help find it.

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