A Friend Has Asked You to Babysit on Saturday and Wants to Know how Much You Charge per Hour for This

A friend has asked you to babysit on Saturday and wants to know how much you charge per hour for this. Unfortunately, you already have a commitment this weekend and cannot help. However, you are free the following weekend.

Write a letter to your friend explaining that you are not able to help this time but could help later. Also, explain what your fee for the service is.

Dear Radha

Hope you are doing fine and enjoying the season. I am so happy that you asked me to babysit your little girl, she is so adorable, and it is always delightful to keep a watch on her and spend time with her. I would never leave this chance, but due to a non-profit organization event held by my company on Saturday, I am afraid I will not be available to babysit. However, I will be accessible the next week and would be happy to look after her if you wish.

Recently, there a survey was created and sent to all the team members in my company asking for volunteering at this non-profit organization event held for underprivileged kids to help them teach subjects they find complex and challenging. I have chosen to teach math to almost 20 kids and have already registered for the same. I hope you understand that I cannot cancel it as I have committed to offering the service, and it would be a disappointment to back out at the last moment. I am sorry that I cannot help this time. I am free next weekend and would be glad to babysit for you if you choose to go out for the day.

As I remember, I charged you 20 dollars an hour until midnight and thirty dollars per hour after that, so the charges would also be the same this time. You will need to give me any special instructions you might have and, of course, leave a phone number in case of an emergency.

With lots of love.

Yours truly

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