Describe a Time When You Tried to Do Something but It Was Not Very Successful

Describe a time when you tried to do something but it was not very successful

  • What you tried to do?
  • What is, was it?
  • Why did you fail to do it?
  • How did you feel about it?

Sample 1

Everyone face success and failure in their life; if one face failure in their life, that does not mean that person is useless or having less knowledge. Failures are the way to get success in everyone’s life. Here I would like to talk about a time when I made many efforts to complete my job, but I failed.

I vividly remember this was the time when I was in matriculation, and I have to make an environmental project from waste material. I started collecting raw material from several places, like I got some stuff from my house and some I got from my neighbours. Finally, I started making my project as a base. I used a thermocol sheet, and I painted it in different colours according to the requirement.

I used cardboard, broken bangles, used wires, cotton puffs, some used clothes, some old hairpins and many more. Due to excitement, I forgot that I was using a weak surface, and I did my project on it. Initially, it creates a problem to fix it due to heavyweight. But somehow, I fix all these things when I complete my project and place it in a safe place. But to my dismay, when I took it, it broke from between. I was distraught and sad when I saw everything on the floor. My whole efforts got ruin in just a few seconds. My tears rolled down, and I cried a lot. My mother came and consoled me, and she tried to help me, but she was not able to fix it.

After some time, I collected everything and somehow managed to fix it, and I showed it to my faculty. I was not that satisfied with my project.

Part 3 Follow-Ups Describe a Time When You Tried to Do Something, but It Was Not Very Successful

Question 1: Is it important to have goals in life in order to feel happy?

Ans 1: Definitely Yes! If one has desires in their life, then they feel happy when they achieve their goals. Without goals, life is like cake without cheery. Goals give enthusiasm to the person to live their life like a worrier.

Question 2: Do you think people will be happy if they don’t have goals to achieve?

Ans 1: No, without goals, life has no agenda to live life. If people do not have goals, they do not put efforts towards their personal as well as professional work.

Question 3: In general, how do people judge or assess the success of others?

Ans 1: There are ample ways to judge others success like, usually, people give a party when they achieve something. Other than these people buy things in their happy time as well as they distribute sweets and gifts when they want to spread their happiness with others.

Question 4: Do you think that mistakes can help people achieve the greatest success?

Ans 1: In fact, research has found that having compassionate acceptance of your own mistakes can boost your determination to reach your goals.

Question 5: What skills are important for business success?

Ans 1: There are ample skills required to be a successful businessman; the first and foremost skill is a person should be appreciable and enthusiastic. Another skill is a person should be a good boss or leader who gives guidance to their employees.

Question 6: What are the reasons for failure?

Ans 1: Well, the First and foremost reason is lack of concentration. Other than that, less knowledge about such things, as well as lack of discipline and poor self-confidence, is the biggest reason for failure.

Question 7: What does it take to become successful?

Ans 1: In simple words, self-esteem and concentration, as well as acceptance of failure, which a person already did in his past other than that a should always ready to learn in every stage of their life.

Question 8: Why is it that some people achieve success faster?

Ans 1: Because of their plans from their initial stage. Usually, people decide according to the situation. But some people always get ready with their plan to implement; even if they face failure, they apply another plan which makes them ready to learn from their failure, and they get success in a short time.

Question 9: Do you believe being successful and making a lot of money are the same thing?

Ans 1: Well, according to my both are different things. A person who achieves their goals is a successful person. On the other hand, earning money to fulfil their routine needs are different.

Question 10: How do people achieve success at school?

Ans 1: Usually when they got the highest score in the exam as well as they win any competition it giving a feeling of success. Another way is to complete their project in time and submit it seems they achieve success.

Question 11: Which do you think is more important, academic success or success in more practical, everyday skills?

Ans 1: According to my, both are necessary. Academic Success gives them theoretical knowledge. At the same time, practical skills make them capable and give them the ability to understand the concept in depth.

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