Describe a Time when You Were in A Public Place and Overheard a Stranger Talking on The Phone

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Describe a Time when You Were in A Public Place and Overheard a Stranger Talking on The Phone

Describe a time when you were in a public place and overheard a stranger talking on the phone. You should say:

  • Where does this happen?
  • When does it happen?
  • What was the person talking about?
  • and explain how you felt about hearing the conversation.

Sample Answer of Describe a Time when You Were in A Public Place and Overheard a Stranger Talking on The Phone

I usually do not overhear the conversation until it does not involve me. But I remember this one time when I was in a subway last month, and this person was too loud that no one could ignore him; I think it was because there are always network issues in subways.

He was talking to one of his friends and asking him for advice regarding his relationship. He was having some issues understanding his girlfriend/ wife. He had a fight last night, was not on talking terms with his better half, and was seeking some ideas to patch up.

It was because he usually is busy with work and cannot give time to the lady. And now, she is pretty upset with him and wants him to work on this issue. In the end, the friend was able to give him good advice because his mood had just brightened up.

Well, it was weird for me because everyone was able to hear his personal conversation, and people should try to keep it low.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Time when You Were in A Public Place and Overheard a Stranger Talking on The Phone

Question 1:- Some people like talking on phones on public transport, what do you think about this situation?

Answer – In today’s fast-paced life, I feel people are usually busy and can make time only while travelling. There is no issue until you are not too loud.

Question 2:- Why do you think there are some people who talk loudly on public transport?

Answer – Well, usually, that’s the case for older people. They tend to be too loud, even in public. I guess it’s their nature or hearing issues, or you can also blame it on the network.

Question 3:- Do you think people misbehave with strangers?

Answer – I never had an experience where someone misbehaved with a stranger. It is entirely on the people’s upbringing and the situation in which they misbehave. It might be right if they had done something wrong.

Question 4:- What can be done to people whose behaviour is terrible? Should you ignore it or should they be told about it?

Answer – If someone misbehaves with the person when it’s not his fault in this situation, surely they need to be told and taught some manners. But in today’s time, I feel it’s better to stay out of other people’s business because when you get involved and a person misbehaving gets offended and starts a brawl with you, the situation spreads like fire.

Question 5:- Is it wrong to talk on the phone in public places?

Answer – No, until you keep it low and private, I don’t think it’s wrong. As I previously stated, it’s the only time when you are free from your busy life.

Question 6:- What are the terrible effects of talking over the phone in public?

Answer – If you are too loud, there are many effects, like disturbing other people around you; few people like to pass on comments on your life. According to your conversation, they tend to judge you.

Question 7:- Why do people always break the rules?

Answer – Rules, as in? Well, if it’s about talking loudly on the phone, then I feel some people like to grab attention, some are least bothered about people judging them, and some, I guess, because they can’t hear well.

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