Describe a Time When You Were Late: Cue Card

Describe a Time When You Were Late

  • When Was It?
  • Why You Were Late?
  • How do You feel about Being Late?

Sample: Describe a Time When You Were Late: Cue Card

Well, to be honest, I’m a punctual person, and I always try to complete my work on time. Sometimes, it’s possible to do work on time, or sometimes I complete my work before. They given time.

Here, I would like to talk about an incident that happened to me. And because of this, I got late. It was around two years before my family and I were invited to my brother’s marriage.

The marriage was arranged in the Chandigarh Resort, a very big resort called Mayawati Resort. Apart from this, we started our journey in our private car, which was more comfortable for us, and we did lots of shopping.

When we reach half of the distance, we get lost. We. We got the different locations that he sent, like the location a resort sent him, but there were several resorts.

There are only two or three shops. I was shocked that the location was not correct. I called my friend as well. As well as my cousin, and no one was asked there to pick up my call. Afterwards, my friend called back to me and said I explained the situation.

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He told me that his and his current location he was on the exact equation in which the marriage was going to help. So, I got the correct equation. And after. In the long term, I reached the final destination. I felt down in the dumps like the technology had some glitches and falls.

But at last, I reached there and got late because I missed some rituals because of getting late. That was the time when I Was late for my cousin’s marriage. And he always said this thing to me, that you were late for my marriage.

Follow-up Questions

Question 1: Are You Ever Late for Anything?

Answer:- To be honest, I never get late for anything. I always try to do or complete my work all or before time. I have set my alarms on my mobile phone and pin some of the tags on the nodes of my mobile phone so that I never get late. So I arrange all my work on my technology, which helps me to never get late on any work.

Question 2: What Excuses Do You Use When You Are Late?

Answer:- There are certain reasons which I use to give whenever, whenever I get late. First of all, I just say that I got stuck in traffic or I was helping someone—some needy people, which is the truth. And I never tell a lie. Apart from this, I also sometimes say that I slept for a long time, and because of this, I arrive late. So these are the common reasons I give whenever I have to face or get behind the time.

Question 3: What Excuses Do People Have When They Are Late?

Answer:- Every person gives different excuses, which depend upon the place and the work. For example, children give excuses when they get like. Like they’re not able to complete the work, or they are stuck in the functions or marriage, as well as they also give the excuses that we are facing some problems in solving something. Apart from this, the eldest person gives excuses. Excuses of a conscious mind, like they cannot complete the work because of getting stuck in the traffic or any important work. These are some excuses that individuals give.

Question 4: Are You Good at Organizing Time?

Answer:- Yes, I am quite good at organizing time, as I already mentioned. I have my mobile phone, which in which I can organize all my work. For, if I make a timetable on the memo of my mobile phone, apart from this, I also set the alarm so that I can remember before or on the time when there are some important occasions. When there is some important thing, like, for example, I have a credit card. Whenever I have to pay the bill, I set the alarm for ten days so that I get a reminder before I get to remind that I have to pay the bill.

Question 5: How Do You Usually Organize Time?

Answer:- As I already mentioned, I mostly organize my time with the help of technology, which is my mobile phone. Apart from this, my mother and my father are always there to remind me of some important functions because I always share everything with my mother and father. More, I also organize my time with the help of my laptop. I can write down all the work which I have to learn. I have to learn, or I will be done in the upcoming days.

Question 6: Do You Think Planning Is Important for Time Management?

Answer:- Of course, planning plays a crucial role in the management of time. People usually do lots of planning to manage their time. But I think that. That lot of time given to planning is also a waste of time. For example, some people will take lots of time to manage their plan something or to do something before doing something. But they take a lot of time. And because of this, they missed the board. So, in my perspective, planning is good if a person does. It is correct.

Question 7: Why Do You Think Some People Pay to Learn Time Management?

Answer:- Everyone has their specialty, and no one is the same as another one. We are humans, and everyone can or is capable of doing many things like someone is good on the earth and someone is not good. So, some people face difficulties in learning time management. And they pay the amount of file learning the time because they are not very good at that. But they are mostly good in another field, like, for example, if a person is not good at computers, then it doesn’t mean that the person is not able to do anything. He is. He is more he or she is good in any other field. So it depends upon the time from person to person.

Question 8: Do You Think Children Should Learn to Manage Time?

Answer:- Of course, it is crucial and beneficial for an adolescent to learn how to manage their time because, in the modern era, time management is very precious. If a person knows how to manage his or her time, he or she can then. He or she can easily get Excel; apart from this, managing time always gives us productive reserves and helps us to do our work on or before time. So children need to learn this time management so that they can be punctual and manageable in their lives.

Question 9: Why Do Some People Find It Hard to Follow Their Plans?

Answer:- Well, to be honest, there are certain reasons why people feel all people find it a bit tricky to follow their plans. First of all, people are not able to get the right path. I mean, they are going in the wrong direction because of which they waste a lot of time, apart from. They also make a plan with many loopholes, and the plan is unsuccessful because they are not listening to anyone. Like, if a person is advising on the plans, that. And he and the other person is not able to alter or change it. Then, it has diverse ramifications for their plans. So because of all these reasons, sometimes people find it quite tricky to follow their plans.

Question 10: How Would You Teach Your Children Time Management?

Answer:- Well, there are certain measures that I follow to teach offspring how to manage their time. First of all, I became punctual because children learn most things from their parents. And because of their actions and reactions, children learn half of the things from their guardians. Apart from this, also. Set an example of time management, like giving a proper timetable to them or how. When to go to bed, or when to wake up, apart from this, how much time they need to play, or all that thing, because of doing all this, they learn how to manage their time.

Question 11: Do Old People and Young People Manage Time in A Similar Way?

Answer:- I don’t think that old people and younger people similarly manage their time. In my perspective, old people manage their time more productively than younger people, because all people have a lot of experience, and they spend a good quality of time in society, apart from this, young people use technology to manage their time, like setting the memos as well as setting reminders. For their important occasions or festivals, apart from days, they also set reminders on their calendars so that they can remind the calendars before or before the time of certain important work. So both young people and all people use different methods to manage their time.

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