Describe a Time When You’re Waiting for Something Special That Would Happen

Describe a time when you’re waiting for something special that would happen

You should say

– What you waited for
– Were you waited
– Why it was special
– And explain how you felt when you were waiting

Sample Answer of Describe a Time When You’re Waiting for Something Special That Would Happen

When it comes to waiting, there are many moments when I have remained, such as I have stayed for exams results, job interview results, visa processing, medical results for my family members, and how can I forget the waiting for trains. there are many such moments which I can remember, but it’s not possible to mention them all over here, so I will try to mention few below important ones which I feel I will never forget them

My husband was in Dubai, and I was in India; however, I also managed to get a job in Ras al Khaimah UAE, and it was my first international flight from Delhi to Dubai. I was over-excited to meet my husband there, who was already waiting for me at the Dubai airport. When the flight landed and after all the immigration procedures when I came out, I saw my husband standing right in front of me. I was so excited to see him, and this became one of the best moments of my life.

Follow-ups Describe a Time When You’re Waiting for Something Special That Would Happen.

Question 1. On what occasions do people usually need to wait?

Answer – For special and important occasions, I believe people are most likely to wait.

Question 2. Who behaves better when waiting for children or adults?

Answer – I feel adults because children have less patience as compared to adults.

Question 3. Compared to the past, are people less patient now? Why?

Answer – We are in 2021, an era full of technology where almost everything is possible in significantly less time than before. So, people also have changed accordingly, and they accept everything as soon as possible.

Question 4. What are the positive and negative effects of waiting on society?

Answer – I think people who wait in society premises feel safe because it’s a secure place as most of the time it’s under CCTV surveillance and guards are there. But I also think people staying around/ society residents most of the time make you feel awkward or uncomfortable because they think who is this unknown person why they are inside society, and so on.

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