Describe a Time You Waited for Something Special to Happen Recent Speaking Cue Card

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Describe a Time You Waited for Something Special to Happen Recent Speaking Cue Card

Describe a time you waited for something special to happen

  • What were you waiting for?
  • How do you feel?
  • What did you do while waiting?
  • Why do you wait for it?

Sample Answer of Describe a Time You Waited for Something Special to Happen

After my final exams in high school, Bright Hope High school, I was so anxious to know the outcome of my final results, I was quite sure I did well in the exams, but the joy of passing the exams in one sitting and gaining admission to the university of my choice makes me keep thinking and looking forward when the results will be out.

I felt happy because it was my final exam, which was a pathway for me to gain admission to the university.

I was reading many books, engineering books for first-year university students, and preparing for my first year in the university.

I waited for it because the final result is the core result the university needs to see before an unconditional provision for admission will be given to me.

Part 3 Questions Describe a Time You Waited for Something Special to Happen

Question 1:- On what occasions do people usually need to wait?

Answer – When people visit the hospital, they need to wait, as many others that are there before them to see the doctor must be attended to first, also when a test of any illness is carried out, people need to wait for the results, furthermore in the banks’ people need to wait.

Question 2:- Who behaves better when waiting for children or adults?

Answer – Children behave better when waiting than adults because children don’t have much engagement, but adults have more engagement, to rush to check on the kids at home or pick them up from school, provide a meal for the family etc.

Question 3:- Compared to the past, are people less patient now? Why?

Answer – People are less patient now because nowadays, people always engage in many activities compared to the past.

Question 4:- What are the positive and negative effects of waiting on society?

Answer – The positive effect of waiting in society are numerous, including the safety of our life and that of others. For example, someone who waits patiently and obeys the traffic rules saves his life and that of others by avoiding the accident, while the negative effect of not waiting can lead to delay, injury and death.

Question 5:- Are you a patient person?

Answer – Yes, I am a patient person because I know the positive effect and negative effects of being patient; I had an appointment with my doctor, and upon getting to the hospital, the doctor was engaged in a surgery operation that took 5 hours, but I waited. When he was done, he attended to me well and was very okay.

Question 6:- Do you think teaching people to be more patient is possible?

Answer – Yes, it’s possible to teach people to be more patient by being patient ourselves because you can teach others what you know how to do best.

Question 7:- Some people believe that impatience helps the development of technology. Do you agree with that?– Why do you think so?

Answer – No, I don’t believe that impatience did not help in the development of technology. For example, the light we are using today, the scientist that invented it tried a thousand times before he succeeded. He was patient enough to get positive results.

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