Some People Think No Need to Travel Because We Can See the World on The Internet

some people think no need to travel because we can see the world on the internet. Others think that travel is most important. Give opinion and experience, examples.

People think that travel is not necessary because everything you get on the internet, and you can see the beauty of the world on the internet staying at home. But I think travelling is also a part of life as I am going to explain in my further writing.

On the one hand, some people cannot afford to travel, so that is why they say there is no need to travel because they do not have enough money to travel and they watch the world through the internet and share the information with people, but there is a difference between information and experience. Life teaches the lesson through experiences, not from the information. Internet is not that place where people can see the world. Internet is just a source of information just provides information about specific places but never tell the feeling about that place; to get that feeling, you have to visit that place.

On the other hand, travelling is part of life it teaches us how to explore a new place and people. I love to travel like last year I went to Phuket that island is surrounded by the ocean and that feeling is very relaxing and calm. I meet new people all around the world and try different types of food and have some paragliding with my friends and I think I never get that feeling at home on the internet to get that feeling I have to travel and share my experiences with everyone.

In conclusion, in my opinion, and experiences travel is a must thing to do in life. Internet does not give that feeling to get that feeling and enjoy with family and friends travelling is the only thing to watch the beauty of the world.

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