Describe an app on your computer or mobile.

Describe an app on your computer or mobile.

  1. What the program/app is
  2. when/where you found it,
  3. how you use it, and how you feel about it.

sample answer:

When the news of the global pandemic struck the world and everyone got confined to their residences, the modern technology came to rescue.  My working schedule requires me to be outdoor and often I spend weekends with friends. But now I was so annoyed and felt disturbed being indoor that my nephew helped me to hang out virtually. He taught me the video conferencing application named zoom. It is a video calling application functional on mobile or laptop. Where besides voice, documents can also be transferred. Well, to use it there are certain steps to be followed, the application is to be downloaded from their official website. Which is available free of cost. An account is to be registered. A chat room is to be created and its ID is to be shared with the interested party.  Then the only requirement is good internet connectivity and battery (of course). But do make sure that the receiver of the call uses the same application. As the use of a single interface is its only drawback. Once well versed, I use it daily now. It brought me great joy to see my friends and family. I am satisfied to be connected to them during this period of social tension and virus roaming on the streets. Various educational institutions have joined hands to train the general public at large providing free courses on zoom just on my table. One such recent was, where I learned photography from a celebrity photographer. So I  am grateful for this technological boom in my life.

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