Write a letter to your English-speaking friend who wants to spend a two-week holiday

Write a letter to your English-speaking friend who wants to spend a two-week holiday in your region and has written asking for information and advice. In your letter,

  1. offer to find somewhere to stay give advice about
  2. what to do give information about
  3. what clothes to bring,

the sample answer:

Dear John,

I am thrilled to receive your letter in which you have expressed your desire to visit Chandigarh to spend your two-week vacation. I’m happy to provide you information and advice regarding your vacations.

I’ll be extremely happy to arrange your accommodation at my home in Chandigarh. You’ll get homely environment and your search to know about Indian culture, its food as well to see worth seeing places will end here.

Moreover, it’ll be good to visit in the autumn season. You’ll get a piece of mind to see the beauty of nature. So, you need not have worried about the weather conditions. It is pleasant in autumn and it’s neither too cold nor hot. Apart from it, you must not carry cash with you because of being robbed at the airport. So, be alert when you’ll land at the airport.

You had better bring summer clothes’ as the climate is moderate. I must not forget to tell you to bring formal attire too. You know my younger sister is getting married soon. So, I’ve decided with all my cousins to wear formal clothes at the wedding.

Eagerly waiting for you.

Yours loving

Gurvinder Singh

sample answer 2:

Dear Maria,

I hope your Christmas celebrations went well and with all excitement, I am writing this letter to share the required information about your two weeks stay in Mumbai.

I am overwhelmed to invite you to stay at my home but as you know we are an extended family, so it would be quite problematic for you to adjust, Owing to this I will be booking a hotel which is just a stone throw away from my house, moreover, the hotel has picturesque views of the beach.

In addition to the above, the hotel offers various packages for site seeing, furthermore, you can explore the various beach activities. I will make myself available for a day or two so that we can have a long drive to the forts which you were fascinated to see.

Finally, the most important piece of advice is to carry your clothing as per the climatic trends. Currently, Mumbai is experiencing tropical weather hence it is better to include linen as well as cotton in your luggage while packing.

waiting to see you soon.
best wishes

This is the end of general writing (Write a letter to your English-speaking friend who wants to spend a two-week holiday)

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