Describe an Appointment that Was Put Ahead of Schedule

Describe an appointment that was put ahead of schedule

  • what this appointment was
  • when it happened
  • why it was brought forward
  • and explain how you felt about the appointment being rescheduled.Β 

Once in my life, I got an appointment to give an interview for a job πŸ“…. I passed my job test with good scores and came in as an eligible candidate.

I was so happy to hear it, as my dream was just close to being accomplished 🌟. Everyone congratulated me on passing the exam πŸŽ‰.

The next step was to give an interview through which they had to select the required number of candidates. I received an appointment date for the interview.

I started preparing for it, as I didn’t have so much preparation for this job πŸ“š. The date of the appointment was 10 days ahead, which was enough time for me to prepare for this interview.

So, I fixed my schedule according to the remaining days I had. But suddenly, after 2 days, they issued a letter in which the information was given that the date of the interview had changed for some critical reasons, and it would now be scheduled for 4 days before the previous date ⏳.

I felt puzzled after reading it, as I had spent two days already without preparing anything, and they cut my 4 days too. Now, I was left with only 4 days for preparation. I was full of anxiety with this rescheduling of the appointment 😟. But I had nothing to do about it.

So, I started preparing myself immediately, and on the day of the interview, I reached the centre where the interview was held 🏒.

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I was so nervous and angry about their decision to reschedule the interview 😠. I did the interview and performed as much as I could prepare myself during these 4 days. But it was a lucky time for me because I got selected for this interview πŸ€.

I was so happy after hearing this 😁. But I realized that rescheduling the interview had impacted me mentally so much.

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