Describe an appointment that was put ahead of schedule

Describe an appointment that was put ahead of schedule

  • what this appointment was
  • when it happened
  • why it was brought forward
  • and explain how you felt about the appointment being rescheduled. 

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. Once in my life I got an appointment to give an interview for the Job. I passed my Job test with good scores and came in the eligible candidates. I was so happy to hear it as my dream was just close to accomplish. Everyone congratulated me to pass the exam. The next step was to give an interview through which they had to select the required number of candidates. I got an appointment date for interview.

I started myself preparing for it as I didn’t have so much preparation for this job. The date of appointment was 10 days ahead. It was an enough time for me to prepare for this interview. So, I fixed my schedule according to the rest days I have. But suddenly after 2 days, they issued a letter in which the information was given that the date of interview has changed for some critical reasons and it will now be scheduled to 4 days before the previous date. I felt puzzled after reading it as I spent my two days already without preparing anything and they cut my 4 days too. Now I was left with only 4 days for preparation. I was full of anxiety with this reschedule of an appointment. But I had nothing to do with it.

So, I started preparing myself immediately and on the day of interview, I reached at the center where the interview was held. I was so nervous and angry for their decision of rescheduling the interview. I did an interview and performed as much as I could prepare myself during these 4 days. But it was the lucky time for me because I got selected in this interview. I was so happy after hearing this. But I realized that rescheduling the interview was impacted me mentally so much.

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