Describe a Bicycle Tour That You Took IELTS Cue Cards

Describe a Bicycle Tour That You Took IELTS Cue Cards

  • when you had this trip
  • who went on this trip with you
  • what you did during this trip
  • and explain how far you enjoyed it.  

Sample Answer of Describe a bicycle tour that you took IELTS cue cards

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. I would like to share with you a time when I went on a bicycle tour with my cousin brother from Chandigarh to Shimla. It was about 7 hours tour. It was so long ride for us but we made it so enjoyable. Me and my cousin brother got holidays from college and we had nothing to do. We wanted to spend the time in a fruitful way. So, we decided to take a long bicycle trip which was beneficial decision for our health. After the plan, we asked to some of our friends too from whom two others agreed too. So. We was four friends who started riding to go to Shimla at morning time and completed in enjoy fully within 7 hours. In this trip, we took only one break to took some rest as the bicycling on hilly area became so tough for us. Because none of us did bicycling on hilly areas. So, it creates a little bit pain at our muscles. After a short break we started our tour again and finally reached Shimla.

We enjoyed some time there too as it was so cold there and the rain was also started. So, we had to stop bicycling from some time. We had to face some problems in this trip too but we enjoyed the every moment of this trip and took just one break in this trip. We were so tired but so optimistic for this trip. But after reaching home, we felt a lot of pain in our muscles but we all were so happy from this trip.

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