Describe an environmental pollution in your city IELTS cue cards

Describe an environmental pollution in your city IELTS cue cards

  • What type of pollution it is?
  • Why it happened?
  • Effect of this pollution?

Thanks for giving me such an interesting cue card topic. I live in a Delhi city where pollution is increasing rapidly day by day. Due to several reasons, Air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution are increasing in a wide range. I would like to share with you this severe condition briefly.

Delhi is the main territory of India country. The huge population of India is living in Delhi. All political system of India runs from here. Moreover, every technology device that comes in India, come in Delhi.

That’s why a large community of people come and set their lives in Delhi in order to be successful in their business. For this reason, the population of Delhi has now reached at alarming state which affect widely on the climate.

With the increasing population, the traffic of Delhi has also increased which affect largely on noise pollution. Not only this, it has also impact largely on air as well as water pollution because the people become so careless that they become so busy in their personal lives as they do not have any time to have a look on environmental problems.

Moreover, the increasing number of industries have started emitting their deadly chemicals in the water resources which has made the sea water unable to drink. People of Delhi get numerous critical problems by drinking it.

Lastly, the main factors like increasing population, industries etc. have made the environment of Delhi so worse. If an appropriate decisions will not be taken. Then it will become impossible to survive in this city as we already have deteriorated our city in a worse way.

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