Describe Your Favourite Shop Latest IELTS cue cards

Describe your favourite shop latest IELTS cue cards

  • Where it is?
  • What things it sell?
  • What sort of people are its customers?

Thanks for giving me such an interesting cue card topic. There are number of shops popular in our city because of its good service, nice products etc. But Inder computers’ shop is my favourite shop among all. I would like to share with you about it briefly.

Inder computers is a shop of computers, mobile phones, latest play station video games which situated near to the railway station of our city. It is so just a showroom type as it sells many types of electronic things. All brands’ computers, laptops, and mobile phones are available here. Its revenue is so good than others competitors. For many reasons, it is one of my favourite shop.

Mostly people who want to buy latest features laptops with huge discounts often go there. They deal with their customers in a helpful way as they help completely to choose best type of product by comparing all the products according to its features. So, the person easily gets a product according to his requirements along with low price than others.

I also went there about a month ago to buy a new laptop with my father. They dealt us in so good way. They asked my main requirement in laptop and us many laptops of several companies.

After watching a number of laptops, I got puzzle to select the right type of laptop. Then, they showed me the Elite laptop of HP company which had all features that I needed. They also gave a big discount on it.

With their help, I succeeded to choose a perfect laptop which has come come any kind of problem even after 4 years. The main thing that I found interesting in them is that the owner of the showroom and his staff was so nice that they didn’t feel any problem even I took their so much time to but a one thing. According to me, no-one showroom in our city provides this kind of facility.

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