Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t like the Music Played

Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t Like the Music Played.

You should say

  • What was the event?
  • Where were you?
  • What music was like?
  • And explain why you didn’t like the music?

Sample Answer of Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t like the Music Played.

In the modern world, people had numerous chances to listen to prolonged music. Some of the music genres are classical, continental, rock, jazz, and folk. Most of them provide a serene and jubilant atmosphere to the listeners. Today I would like to talk about the situation, that I wouldn’t say I liked the music which played at the same event.

It was the birthday party of one of my friend’s sons. My friend and his family members were widely planned for the program months before. They arrange a huge cake, spectacular cuisines, and few events for the children and the adults. The program was conducted at the hotel, and as a gift of appreciation, the same hotel provided the musical band for one hour unlimited songs.

Most of the songs were boring and unable to follow. Apart from this, the singers were from the west side of the country, and they sang songs in their regional language. All of the guests were felt ridiculous and not even enjoyed it. We felt like they were from another planet. Apart from this music event, the rest was mind-blowing, and we enjoyed it well.

Follow-ups Describe an Event You Attended in Which You Didn’t like the Music Played.

Question.1 Why do so many young people spend a lot of money on concerts?

Answer – In the contemporary world, youngsters had a wide range of choices. Music played a vital role in it. They became followers of international and national musicians and once they get the chance to enjoy such type of concerts they tried to enjoy it. Compared with any national music events, international bands or concerts are costly.

Question.2 Do you think older people like the same music as young people?

Answer – I do not believe so. In my opinion, the adults are the fan of classical and devotional songs, and they enjoyed very well. On the other hand, youngsters are the followers of the latest musical bands like Jazz, Rock, and metal.

Question.3 Do you think music concerts are suitable for older people to attend?

Answer – Definitely. Maybe it is the occasion they tried to enjoy in their life. Compared with any western and metallic songs, this will be quite suitable for them. Moreover, the ambience which the concerts provide is quite immense and spectacular.

Question.4 Why do shopping malls often have background music?

Answer – As a matter of fact, it is a marketing tactic. They tried to impress their customers and tried to believe them that the ambience and moment they provide for the customers is elegant and impressive. In addition, without any age barriers, most of the visitors enjoy it.

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