The Number of Car Accidents Is Increasing Annually

The number of car accidents is increasing annually. This is the result of poor driving skills. Do you agree or disagree?

As years increasing, road mishaps are rising exponentially. Some people claim that it is because of a lack of driving skills. This essay agrees with the statement. I believe that there are numerous reasons for accidents on highways and will discuss the same in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, firstly, some people drink and drive. It causes road accidents. In other words, people who drink beverages whilst driving are more likely to hit someone on the road. Secondly, adolescents are given the freedom to drive their own or parents’ vehicles on the road. They don’t have a license to drive a car. However, they would drive any car or bike on roads at high speed due to their young blood. As a result, youngsters are losing their lives, which creates permanent pain for their parents.

Thirdly, some members of society do not wear a seat belt while driving a four-wheeler. They feel that it is unnecessary. Consequently, a fatal accident will happen. Similarly, people who are driving two-wheelers do not wear a helmet. They think that they will lose their hair if they wear a helmet. For example, a large number of accidents are happening in India only because of individuals not wearing a helmet and seat belt while driving their personal vehicle. Finally, the public should be aware that accidents are only happening due to negligence. Parents should not allow below 18 years of children to drive a vehicle. Another solution is that more police should patrol on roads and warn the people driving their cars Overspeed. Therefore, the government should introduce stringent laws to punish those who break the laws.

To conclude, highway accidents can be minimized by following certain precautions. Governments should use media to bring awareness to the public about the loss of life during accidents. So that people can follow the traffic rules and regulations properly.

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