Describe an event you felt unhappy about Ielts cue cards

Describe an event you felt unhappy about Ielts cue cards

  • when it was?
  • what happened?
  • where were you then?
  • and explain why you felt unhappy about this event. 

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. It was a time when I was pursuing my secondary education and I was deliberately unable to submit my assignment for which I got a punishment sadly. I would like to describe about it briefly that what happened that time exactly.

I have got a presentation from school teacher and got 10 days to prepare it. I took it and got it so litely. I spent my all days remain un-aware about completing the task on time. Firstly, I decided to start making it a day before deadline as it seems so easy for to make it. But after a week, I forgot that I got a presentation.

on the day of deadline, the teacher asked me about my presentation. I got stuck and became speechless. I have no words to say that I don’t prepare anything. The teacher asked it again and she got that I didn’t do anything. She became angry on it as I seemed irresponsible in front of my class. Because I forgot such an important task.

The teacher gave me punishment by cutting my whole marks in this presentation which affects my overall score in secondary education. I was so sad and I still has a regret of this mistake as neither I can repair my mistake nor my secondary education’s get increased. I think it is the biggest mistake of my life which makes me so sad every time whenever I see my secondary education score report.

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