Describe an Irritating Person You Know About

Describe an Irritating Person You Know About

  • who is he/she
  • how you know him/ her
  • what he/ she does
  • and say why you think he/she is an irritating person. 

Sample Answer of Describe an Irritating Person You Know About

Thanks to give me such an interesting cue cards topic. As we know that nowadays, everyone is busy this his life. The jobs become more stressful and one has to give his all efforts in order to maintain his position at job. So, after doing this kind of duty, everyone needs a proper rest to make his mind relax and no-one place can be batter than one’s house. But the life becomes more worse when you have an irritating neighbour. Who can never let you rest at home. I also have a neighbour like this named Rakesh. I never saw a person like him. According to me, he is the most irritating person in this world. He has come newly in our colony and starters irritating whole colony families.

He finds someone every time with whom he can fight. He is retired person so he is totally free from responsibilities. He sits outside of his house and stop everyone who passes in front of his house for making a conversation on useless things. By doing this, he wastes everyone’s time. Not only this, he plays radio at loud voice till night and disturb children’s education. Whenever we go to talk with him, they start fighting with us without hearing even a word of us. He creates problem in every work that is planned to do for colony’s improvement. All colony member refuse to talk with him. But he disturbs everyone with his activities. Now, we finally decide to make a discussion to figure out the way in which he can be taught.

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