Describe an Important Decision You Have Made

Describe an important decision you have made. You should say:

  • What was the decision?
  • Why did you make that choice?
  • Who helped you make a choice?
  • And explain why the decision was so important.

Sample: Describe an Important Decision You Have Made

Decision-making is a critical skill. I deem that each decision is arduous in its way. In this contemporary epoch-making decisions is a daunting task due to numerous choices.

Here I would like to talk about a decision that was difficult for me to make. I vividly remember a few years back. I was in a state of confusion when I had to choose the stream of study after passing the tenth standard since a plethora of things had to be taken into consideration. It took almost three months to make an informed decision.

At that time, I was in a dilemma. Because I had too many thoughts in my mind, and I didn’t know which stream would be fruitful for me during childhood. I never had a fixed dream job like others. I was lost in the fantasy world in my budding years, and I wanted to be an engineer later on.

My internet shifted toward literature during my teenagers. I wanted to be an actor. The confusion started when many of us had opted for the non-medical stream; however, my inclination was toward the commerce down.

Because I wanted to study business, on the other hand, my parents were compiling me to join the non-medical stream at that time I was in hot water.

My parents had their own non-medical because they knew about the opportunity in the field non-medical but rather than against my parent’s decision. I decided to do some research before making my final decision.

Then I talked to my school teacher. She had taught me for more than ten years and was well aware of my capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses. She, too, recommends I go for business studies.

Furthermore, she consulted and convinced my parents to let me join the commerce stream because it is not a piece of cake to perform well in academics without the Internet. Finally, my guardian agreed, and I took this difficult decision to cut a long story short. That was a difficult decision that I made in my life.

Follow-up Questions: Describe an Important Decision You Have Made

Question 1:- Why do some people find it hard to make decisions?

Answer:- Well, there are many reasons why it is arduous for most individuals to make decisions. Firstly the most predominant one is the situation. Besides this, an individual’s choices are also the most prominent thing when making a decision.

Question 2:- How important is it to get advice from other people when making decisions?

Answer:- Irrefutable, taking advice from older people while making decisions plays a part and parcel role owing to which even If I talk about myself being a Student, whenever I try to do something first, I take the advice of my near and dear ones.

Question 3:- Why is it sometimes difficult to accept advice?

Answer:- That’s a fascinating question. From my point of view, I surmised that it varies from person to person. As I said earlier, I took the piece of advice from my mentor when I was in a dilemma to get enrolled in the commerce stream.

Question 4:- What are some of the most important decisions young people have to make?

Answer:- To be very honest, as a teenager, I made ample decisions regarding my life goal to triumph in every domain.

Question 5:- Do you agree that parents should make important decisions for their children?

Answer:-, yes, guardians are the ones who always take care of their children. Due to this, parents make crucial decisions for their children to have bright futures and become renowned people.

Question 6: Is it better to decide whether to think about what you want or what other people want?

Answer:- Yes, it is always better to make a decision thinking about what I want instead of worrying about what others want, primarily because it will be me who will have to live with whatever decision I make for the rest of my life, one way or another.

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