Describe an Important River or Lake in Your Country: Speaking Cue Card

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Describe an Important River or Lake in Your Country Speaking Cue Card

Describe an important river or lake in your country

  • What is it?
  • How has it changed people’s lives?
  • What benefits did it bring?
  • And explain if it is more important for older or younger people.

Sample Answer of Describe an Important River or Lake in Your Country

I am a nature lover. I like to spend my time at weekends near lakes and rivers. There are many lakes and rivers in my country. Today I would like to speak on Sukhna Lake. It is in Chandigarh. It is the most famous lake in my hometown.

Many people want to visit this place. They spend a lot of free time in this place. Because It is a very peaceful place, however, It is a good place for tourists. People from different countries visit here to make their trip memorable.

They like to click many photographs. Its view is fantastic. There are lots of benefits. It is a selfy spot. Many schools organized trips to visit Sukhna lake. There are boats available, and swimming experts are also there to reduce dangerous incidents. It is a significant place for older and young people.

Both like to spend their precious time there. Whenever I am sad, I visit here to reduce our stress. Older people also want to stay there with their friends and family. Last time when I came here. I remembered that I clicked so many pictures with my family. My cousins are also with me.

Part 3 Questions Describe an Important River or Lake in Your Country

Question 1:- Why do many people like going to places with water, such as lakes, rivers, or seas?

Answer – Some people are nature lovers. They go to these kinds of places to reduce the stress of business. Many individuals also like visiting with their family and friends to have memorable moments. They save these moments on mobile phones.

Question 2:- What kinds of leisure activities do people like to do in water places?

Answer – They like to go swimming and boating. Many expert teams are available in these places to help in different situations. They have clicked selfies. Do gossip with their friends by sitting near the lake. Many people like to through stones in water.

Question 3:- Do children and older adults feel the same way when they go to the beach?

Answer – Every person has their way of enjoying a beach. I think both spend their time in different ways. Older people like to sit alone near the beach. On the other hand, children do fun by doing various activities like playing, drinking and eating snacks.

Question 4:- Why do people like water sports?

Answer – Because It is an excellent way to reduce stress and depression, many people go there early in the morning for jogging. It is a helpful place to freshen our minds. That’s why they like to water sports.

Question 5:- Do you think the beach or seaside is more suitable for children or older adults to spend their leisure time with?

Answer – I think it is more suitable for older adults than children. Sometimes children do naughty things that major cause of the incident. Children are sometimes moved into deep water and lose their life during swimming. So, I think It is a little bit dangerous for children.

Question 6:- Is there much water transportation in your country?

Answer – Yes, definitely water transportation is in my country. My country export or import things through water transportation. In the backward area, people travel by boats and ships.

Question 7:- Do people travel by boat in your country?

Answer – Yes, people travel by boat in some areas where land transportation is unavailable.

Question 8:- How important is water in daily life?

Answer – Water is more precious for living. We have to do a lot of work using water. Water is used for cooking, washing, bathing, drinking, and cleaning. Without water, life is not possible. Plants and animals also need water to live.

Question 9:- Do your country’s rivers suffer from severe pollution?

Answer – Yes, my country’s rivers suffer from dangerous pollution. Because wastage from factories is through in rivers, many harmful chemicals are mixed in river water and Get polluted. It is not suitable for our farming. Because many people use rivers water for farming

Question 10:- Do human activity pose a global threat to oceans?

Answer – Yes, human is responsible for the threat to the ocean. They do various works that are more harmful to our nature. We are accountable for the pollution of water. We need to protect it.

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