Describe an Incident Where Someone Apologized to You.

Describe an incident where someone apologized to you. You should say:

– Who was it?
– When was it?
– What did the person say?
– Why was this incident memorable to you?

Sample Answer to Describes an Incident Where Someone Apologized to You.



Who was it?

Hurting others without feeling sorry for the person really shows a bad aspect of someone’s personality. So, accepting the mistakes can help make the relationship cordial.

When was it?

Once an incident happened with me when one of my friends did not return my laptop and deliberately broke it. Actually, it was the day of her interview, and she had a dire need for a laptop for her presentation. She borrowed it from me. A couple of days passed, but she did not return it and finally when I asked her for my laptop, and she put me off and after putting pressure on her,

What did the person say?

She told me that it had stopped working and the screen got damaged. She had tears in her eyes and apologized for doing it. Though I was very annoyed because I had bought it with my first salary, but she had been my childhood friend. So I forgave her, and she contributed to purchasing another one so that I could not face any trouble in managing money, and it can’t become an obstacle in my way of learning.

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Why was this incident memorable to you?


I still remember this incident, and it sometimes has a bitter taste, and now and then sweetens life.

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