Describe an Occasion when You Paid More than Expected

Describe an occasion when you paid more than expected; You should say

  • What is it?
  • How much did you spend on it?
  • Why did you buy it?
  • And explain why you think you spent more than expected.

Sample Answer of Describe an Occasion when You Paid More than Expected

During this pandemic situation, many schools have been locked-down because people have to stay at home. However, it can’t be denied that people still want to keep connected with each other, so they need a new proper device such as a mobile phone to deal with sophisticated apps such as zoom, teams, google meet, and so on. Moreover, mobile phones are one of the most important companions for us. We cannot do a single moment without it, and we can say the need for mobile phones has emerged. So, I decided to buy a new mobile phone, because my phone was too slow to run and didn’t work properly. One day, I visited the mall on the weekend looking for it. Suddenly, there was a cool android with a new model. This phone looked smarter than the other brand to me, and the colour was gorgeous, purple, and I really loved it. I examined the quality of it, and I was very satisfied. In my thought, I had to buy it at that time and at that place, but pricing was another important factor here. It was a bit pricey. Firstly, I expected that the price would be around 9 million rupiahs as written in an online shop. But in that place, it was different, slightly far around 10 million rupiahs. I tried to bargain it with the seller, and finally, I got a discount of around 200k rupiah. Apart from this, I purchased it as soon as possible since I am really keen on it. Despite our best, sometimes we end up paying more than the perceived value of a product just because we didn’t get patient and didn’t buy in the right place. So, in the future, I think I will purchase something online instead of offline because I could get a lower price, and it would be beneficial to me.

Follow-ups of Describe an Occasion when You Paid More than Expected

Question 1:- Do you often buy more than you expected?

Answer- Well, in my beliefs, the more we buy, it doesn’t mean that the more we will satisfy on it, so I never indulge in an impulsive purchasing since I am a person who lives a financially frugal life. I usually buy things the same as my expectations and requirements.

Question 2:- What do you think young people spend most of their money on?

Answer- Most of the youngsters these days are game enthusiasts, so they invest their money in playing it. Moreover, they also like to buy something fast, although a bit pricey, eating junk food would be preferable compared to home-cooked food as their parents are busy.

Question 3:- Do you think it is important to save money? Why?

Answer- Yeah, saving money could help us to come out of the financial crunch. Having savings also gives us experience in creating a new venture or business, such as building a new startup. So, it would be necessary and could lead us to an impressive future.

Question 4:- Do people buy things that they don’t need?

Answer- Yeah, especially in this era. Using sophisticated technology, the reputed brands create unique ads, so people often indulge in impulsive purchasing and end up buying the products and services they do not need.

Question 5:- What kind of expensive things do people like to buy?

Answer- Most people buy branded things, although the price is high, as I know, the price will be directly proportional to the quality. So, I think people would prefer to buy something expensive due to its value.

Question 6:- Is being rich always advantageous?

Answer- Actually, it depends on the people. Being rich is not always beneficial because sometimes there will be a price to pay. For instance, you will lose freedom when you become rich because to keep the status, you have to make a lot of effort. So richness is not good in some cases.

Question 7:- Are review sites useful for buyers?

Answer- Yeah, those are really helpful as they provide reviews of various services. So, the purchasers will consider the price and the quality based on the previous buyer experiences. Apart from this, the buyer would grab the best deal on this occasion.

Question 8:- What Do You Think about the Expenditure on Unexpected Things?

A truly unexpected expense is something that we can’t predict, such as a natural disaster or a medical emergency. These are the things that could happen to us at any time, but we can never be sure how much the cost will be. But, nowadays, people can buy insurance to protect them from these. Although insurance doesn’t cover everything, at least it can cut the cost, and you can rely on your emergency fund to cover the rest of the bill.

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