Describe a time when you were very busy Ielts cue cards

Describe a time when you were very busy IELTS cue cards

  • when it was
  • what you had to do during that time
  • how you managed it
  • and explain how you felt about being much busy.  

Thanks to give me such an interesting cue card topic. As I am younger than all in my family. I haven’t so much responsibilities that can make me busy anytime. But once I got an important responsibility in which I remained busy for 3 continue days. It was an interesting experience which helps me be optimistic towards work. I would like to describe it briefly.

It was a time about 3 years ago at the time of my brother’s marriage. No one was left in our family who can take the responsibility to organize the function and mange all things except me and my father. My brother told me that I have to manage all the function and being responsible until the marriage finish. First, it seemed like someone has caught the flying bird and send it to the cage. But soon I controlled myself and got busy in marriage works. There are numerous activities that I had to do in a limited time period. This list was so large as it didn’t make me free until the half of the night in these three days.

I planned all about the program that where the function will organize, where the sweet dishes will be made, where the all relatives will stay etc. The arrangement of each work took so much time as I even got with no time to prepare myself for the marriage.

But it was not as boring as I realized. It was so interesting to see people liking the arrangement and praise of which is fully planned and organized by you. It was a good experience as it increases my motivation to work with full of responsibility and dedication.

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