Describe an Occasion When You Received a Good Service

Describe an Occasion When You Received a Good Service From a Company

  • who provided this service
  • what service it was
  • when you received this service
  • and explain how you felt about it. 

Sample Answer of Describe an Occasion When You Received a Good Service From a Company

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. Nowadays, a number of companies of every product has come in the market and the competition between them got increased bizarrely. Nowadays, companies are focusing more to attract a new slew of customers but they are losing their regular customer due to their bad customer services. I would like to share with you my experience in this. I tried to get customer services from many companies but most of them failed to help me and gave their poor performances.

But there was one company who was become able to solve my problems. That company’s name was Apple. It is a Mobile phone’s company. It happened when I bought its mobile about a year ago. It was so awesome in shape and facilities. After using it a few days, I got a problem that its sensor didn’t work properly. I tried it sensor to confirm if there is a really problem in it or not. Then I went to the Apple mobile’s office to get my phone repaired. The all staff was busy in their work. I went to the reception and registered my name. The receptionist asked me about the problem.

I told her about the problem of my mobile’s sensor which I bought just a few days ago. She told me to take a seat and take my mobile with herself. She then came and ask me to wait for 15 minutes to check. I nodded and waited for 15 minutes. She came again with my mobile and said that my mobile has repaired successfully. I surprised and checked my mobile. It was working properly.

She asked me to check my mobile completely and if I find any kind of other problem in it, then they will repair it again. But I got no problem in it. I felt wonder because none company provides such a fast and superior service like them. From that day, the reputation of Apple company has increased in my eyes. According to me, it is the only company in mobile phones that provide such an awesome service.

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