Talk About Something that Helps You Concentrate: Recent Speaking Cue card

Talk about something that helps you concentrate. You should say:-

  • What it is?
  • When do you do it?
  • How did you learn about it?
  • How does it help you concentrate?

Sample Answer of Talk About Something that Helps You Concentrate

achieving success in life. But everyone has a headache schedule, and people often find it difficult to focus. Numerous activities are available such as walking, listening to music and playing games, but I consider yoga and meditation to be the most effective ways to concentrate on my task.

I do exercise and meditation regularly to increase my concentration. Yoga and meditation in the early morning with a peaceful atmosphere increase the blood flow to the brain.

Apart from this, meditation reduces the amount of stress and increases happiness. It also encourages a healthy lifestyle, so I regularly do yoga and meditation with my two friends only in the morning in the park, which is located in the heart of my city, and which I started practising before C1 months ago.

Before that, I forgot the things in my daily schedule. But after practising it regularly, it benefited me a lot, and I feel very energetic. I feel really over the moon about this activity, and I also believe that each and every person should know about this.

Part 3 Questions Talk About Something that Helps You Concentrate

Question 1:- Is it important for children to learn how to concentrate?

Answer – Yes, for kids, it is very important to learn concentration now because, through that, they focus more on their studies and live life happily and without stress.

Question 2:- What can employers do to help employees concentrate?

Answer – Employers should encourage their employees to lace stress and organise yoga and meditation classes. Moreover, they provide them with green as well as a peaceful environment, which is essential to become focused. And employers give their employees short vacations to become energetic and fresh.

Question 3:- What kinds of jobs require higher concentration at work?

Answer – In my opinion, all jobs require full concentration; likewise, in a teacher’s job, whenever students ask them a question there, listen to them with full of focus and sometimes listen to students talk with concentration. Other jobs like lawyer, doctor, engineer and many more require it.

Question 4:- Have you ever felt difficult to concentrate?

Answer – Yes, I often feel very difficult to concentrate on my studies when some people talk around me. I am not concentrating on my work when I sit in public places, such as bus stands or railway stations, so it is hard to focus.

Question 5:- What kinds of distractions bother you in life?

Answer – As I say, people talking around me and other destruction like television, mobile phone, and loud music distract me from the study.

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