Describe Something or Someone that Made a Lot of Noise

Describe something or someone that made a lot of noise. You should say:

  • Who or what made the noise?
  • What was the noise like?
  • What did you do when you heard the noise?
  • And how do you feel about it?

Sample Answer of Describe Something or Someone that Made a Lot of Noise

There are lots of places with immense noise pollution, and I am unable to find any advantages for those people who live in the city because the tendency of the noise is quite high compared to the others and people also face lots of noise pollution in their life. In my country, noise is not a big deal and has become more common.

Every people suffers from that problem, I think which is not compatible with the human lifestyle. and here I would like to talk about the noise of traffic which I get easily frustrated in a short period because I live in a metropolis city and the tendency of vehicles and cars are quite high, and all the people in my town always use their vehicle in the day to day life; as a result, the amount of noise pollution is up to the mark and also release the heavy voice of sound which or not suitable with my life.

Moreover, I live in an apartment, and even beside my room, there are lots of main Roads passing which contain numerous vehicles over there which are making noise all night, and I quickly get irritated. However, last night I did not sleep because of the heavy noise, which gave me a headache and made me unable to bring focus on my work and study.

As a result, I was unable to meet sleep and felt tired all day, so I think rest is the most important for every person, which improves their lifestyle in a better way.

So without sleep Life would be unpredictable apart from that traffic noise also has immense disadvantages among the lifestyle of the people which day is suffering from one of the main reasons is that due to the rapid spread of the population in my city amount of vehicles and Private transport skyrocketed. More and more people shifted from ruler areas to the city for their job and various purposes.

These traffic noises are destructive and harmful enough to cause sleep problems, headaches, tiredness, high blood pressure, stress, and an increased risk of heart disease. Anyway, the traffic noise is usually unpleasant and inconvenient as they distract us and confuse us.

But, no matter how unpleasant and inconvenient the traffic noises are, we can’t get rid of them at will because it’s the very sound of motion energy created by the fuel and engine, without which no vehicles would run on the road.

So I wish the government to reduce the traffic pollution in the streets and it automatically reduces the noise pollution in my area, so that is the thing which makes it nosy every day. Seriously I am worried about that noise.

Part 3 Questions Describe Something or Someone that Made a Lot of Noise

Question 1:- Where can people hear a lot of noise?

Answer – There are many locations where people like to hear much noise during wedding ceremonies. Even stations, bus stations, and any public area which contains a lot of people getting together at the same time produce heavy noise, which also affects the lifestyle of the people. Moreover, in any kind of celebration and festival, a large group of people get together on a large scale and express their feelings. I like to celebrate that particular location with enthusiasm. Moreover, in a million cities, the roads are a significant issue of noise pollution which people can hear easily from their surroundings. So this location government needs to organize the policy of the people they would get together in a limited way.

Question 2:- What may happen when someone listens to very loud music using headphones when they are running or hiking?

Answer – People who listen to thunderous music using headphones while they are never hiking may lead to fatal accidents. They might meet with an accident as they cannot hear any sound or voice around them note, so this kind of practice is not compatible with the human lifestyle because a large section of people, even youngsters, like to listen to loud music during their running and hiking which leaves some accident which they are unable to manage easily because the voice of music is a kayak relatively high and we unable to listen out on music from the headphone so people would be suffering from drastic consequences in their life.

Question 3:- What can be done to reduce traffic noise?

Answer – Many factors need to be implemented to reduce the quantity of traffic noise. First, the government needs to organize a small policy among individuals to always prefer public transportation, and it also helps reduce traffic congestion and noise on the roads. Secondly, people should understand their responsibilities to preserve the environment and we not able to disturb any lifestyle of the people with their heavy noise because in fast-paced life a lot of people focus on their work and they easily distract from the noise of music and traffic, so they suffer from various problems in the lifestyle.

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