Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In

Describe a house or apartment you would like to live in

  • What is it like?
  • Where would it be?
  • Why would you like to live in this house/apartment?
  • And how do you feel about this house/apartment?

Sample Answer of Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In

My dream has been to live in the house since my birth. I have lived in the apartment due to my father’s work, so in future, I wish to build my own house and live there. The house should be of 4 bedrooms with attached bathrooms, and there should be study rooms where I can study novels in my free time and also a big hall where guests can sit comfortably over there. there should be a small garden where I can grow some plants and also I will put a swing over there where I can sit and enjoy my evening tea. I would like to build my house in a hilly area where there is no distraction if we compare it to the city. I like the weather in the mountains where it remains cold all the season and also gets a chance to watch the view of the mountains every morning and evening. I have seen many houses in mountains areas like cottage type houses not so big or small one of my friends from Darjeeling has the same kind of house and by looking that I made my mind that in future I will make my house like this. Leaving in the house means you are also connected with your neighbour and also does not have to give monthly rent of the house I feel living in the house gives immense of happiness where you vegetable can enjoy and do whatever you want for example you can grow, or you take care of cow and goat and many more thing.

Follow-ups of Describe a House or Apartment You Would Like to Live In

Question 1. Do most Indian people live in an apartment or house?

Answer- Well, in India, most people have their own house where they live happily. Where if we talk about apartments, people who move cities for better education and job facilities and living in the apartment come back to the question, yes, most people live in the house.

Question 2. Do young people in your country like to live with their parents or by themselves?

Answer- Everyone loves to live with their parents, but the world is full of competition where every youngster wants to get a better education and job facilities, so they get hardly get a chance to live with their family.

Question 3. Would you live in a foreign country in the future?

Answer- My aim is to get higher education in a foreign country, for which I am trying now about settling over there. I haven’t thought because I don’t want to put pressure that harms my studies. If everything runs well in the future, then I will think about it.

Question 4. How is modern home design in your country different to that of the past?

Answer- well technology has played an important role to upgrade home nowadays as we can see in the past there are only a few houses left which were built in the olden days and still there whereas others all are rebuilt with the help of technology

Question 5. In your country, what type of home do most people live in?

Answer- India Is a vast country where having a population of 1.2cr every person has a different kind of house where some have high rise building or some live in low rise building people also live in cottage time of house having no rough so if we compare people mostly live in low rise building.

Question 6. What kinds of apartments are the most popular?

Answer- People usually prefer safety where apartments have a security guard and also have a parking lot where people can park their vehicle and nowadays many apartments have a park where people can go for a walk and so some exercise these types of apartments have been most popular.

Question 7. What are the differences between houses that young people and old people like?

Answer- Most of the youngsters like to have a design room by having lots of technology, for example, setting a game room in their house, but most old people like a simple house where there is no noise and they can live in peace.

Question 8. What are the differences between apartments and houses?

Answer- Well, apartments are of floors some have five floors, or some have 20 floors which have a different kinds of rooms just like there is also the apartment of 1bhk to 4bhk. But if we come to the house are no built-in floors, and they have plenty of rooms attached to all.

Question9. Do people usually rent or buy a house? Why?

Answer- Most of the people who live in cities rent a house as they are only here for a short time just like study purpose or job purpose when they complete their course they move back to their own house.

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