Describe the Best Holiday You Have Had

Describe the Best Holiday You Have Had

  • Where you went
  • What it was like
  • What you did

Sample Answer of Describe the Best Holiday You Have Had

Thank for giving me such an interesting cue card topic. Every holidays we go to somewhere to spend the vacation. There are several places that we visited till now. But I would like to share with you a vacation when I went to Manali with my whole family. It was the most memorable moments for whole the family. At the previous year holiday, we whole family members went to the Manali. I heard many of my friends about it that why I pursued my family members to go there. It was so beautiful as it cannot be described within few lines.

I had a holiday of just two days so we didn’t have so much time. But we went on a lot of places in Manali as we saw there church, sunset point, mall road etc. The hilly area became so cold at night and snow falling had started. It was looking so beautiful as whole trusses of shops and roads were filled with snow and people had started playing songs. Everyone was enjoying this beauty scene. It seemed that we have come in a different world which is totally free from depression, anxiety, anger etc.

Next day, we wandered around the forests there. The leaves were hidden with the crust of snow and had started giving so pretty look. The fresh environment and free from traffic noise had made us its slave. We spent our second day in the Jungles and enjoy every bit of that day. We came back at evening but it was not gone from my mind for many days. It was the best trip for me as I felt that I spent my precious and real life in these two days.

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