Describe Life in a Particular Period in History IELTS cue cards

Describe life in a particular period in history IELTS cue cards

  • Which period you have chosen?
  • What were the benefits of life then?
  • What were the drawbacks of life then?

Today, the world has obtained a new shape which creates so many opportunities 🌍✨ and has increased the life expectancy. But, it also creates numerous problems too and has affected our life in a wide range as it was so beautiful in the previous century. I would like to share it briefly with you.

Life in the previous century was so beneficial as it was not so complicated as it is today. People lived simple lives and there was no competition between people by which they are increasing their anger with each other 😠🚫.

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Everyone was living in their own way. Due to simplicity, there was not any craze in people of looking different or producing their impact. People were living in small homes 🏠 instead of these big buildings 🏢. So, the number of trees 🌳 and the amount of greenery was so huge from which people took real advantage of nature 🌿 which is not feasible in today’s complicated world.

On the other hand, there were also some disadvantages of it. The facility of transportation 🚜 was so less. In the case of emergency, it was impossible to avail the resources at the right time ⏳. And we could not connect with anyone as smartly as we now can 📲. But, these disadvantages do not hold more water than its advantages.

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So, I love to live in the previous environment because the real joy of life was in that time as now, we just have been bound in responsibilities from which we cannot get any time for our personal life.

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