Describe the First Time that You Used a Foreign Language to Communicate

Describe the first time that you used a foreign language to communicate

  • Where it happened
  • When it happened
  • Who you talked to
  •  How you felt about the conversation.

Well there are many times when I try to learn new language and also try to use it in order to communicate with my foreign friends so here I would like to talk about such situation where I used a very alien language which was totally new to me I clearly remember I was on Facebook and through Facebook I got a friend from Brazil and his official language was Portuguese initially when he started using his official language to talk to me I feel I felt very uncomfortable with that because that language was totally unfamiliar for me then I started searching on Google about that language and I came to know about that it is totally different from English one and then I decided to use and mobile application by which I can convert the messages into different and the name of that app is Google translator I remember in initial period most of the time I used to copy the text he used to send he used to send me and I pasted it on the on that app and it translate the Portuguese language into the English language and then whatever reply I want to I wanted to gave him I just typed again on that app and translated it into the Portuguese in this way I managed the very starting conversation it was difficult although I managed with the help of that app in this way I was able to learn some about that language like few words still I know like send Como stars Ola in this way I learnt 20% of the end of that language and later on due to some misunderstanding our friendship broked but this small act helped me a lot to learn that language At that time most of the time I always feel delighted while talk to him Since when ever I used to talk to him I always felt myself in a new world where I used new towns new words new sentence formations and many more things in this way I learned that language effective effectively.

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Question 1. What do you think of children learning a foreign language?

Answer – Being multilingual is not a bad thing it could benefit us in many ways as we can have knowledge of another countries language as well as to language we can you can get to know about their cultural tradition and many more things about that particular region another aspect is like through international language we can access our career in that country also like if you want to migrate in any country, then we must have to get knowledge about their language

Question 2. Why are some language classes boring?

Answer – Language classes are definitely boring classes because in that classes we need to start from very basics and starting from scratch is very difficult for anyone to get anything new and a classroom teaching is always a boring method because in that class Teachers near teachers just only pronounce the things and their students need to repeat that ended in this way it creates a Dal atmosphere apart from this they could students could learn these things from YouTube from visual interactions or visual YouTube videos

Question 3. Some students hate to learn foreign languages; what can teachers do to develop their interest?

Answer – To develop students interest to learn any new language, teachers can do many things. First of all, teachers need to drop the idea of teaching by lecture we need to use more visual aspects so that children could have great interest and visual aspects are long-lasting having a long-lasting impact on one’s memory like if you talk about children’s if you want to Miami children’s learn very fast we use some visual aspect some rhymes behind the words so, in the same way, we can teach young children’s new languages by are the use of modern aids.

Question 4. Some people travel for learning a foreign language, what do you think?

Answer – Traditionally people travel long distances in order to learn a new language but nowadays it is straightforward for anyone despite any age caste creed sex like from YouTube videos we can learn language very easily moreover there are many institutions available in many locations would which teaches different international languages at some affordable cost, so I don’t think in today’s generation with the advent of modern technology we have to travel this much longer to learn any new language

Question 5. What’s the best way to learn a foreign language?

Answer – There are many best and cheapest ways to learn new languages like firstly we can everyone can access to YouTube videos like due to modern technology nowadays everyone has smartphones with them with the help of which anyone can access YouTube videos from where they can learn new language apart from this one can hire a personal teacher to learn language moreover there are many educational institutes are also available who provides this facility and last but not least nowadays it is also a part of some schools Curriculum through which at an early age we can learn languages

Question 6. Why can some people learn languages fast while others learn slowly?

Answer – Well, it totally depends on two parameters first of all interest like if anyone has an interest in learning a new language, then they can get that language very fast as compare to another person or inactive ones and secondly the grasping power some people have more grasping power as compare to other ones like if you talk about intelligent students in the class they are more intelligent because of their active learning as well as their catching power on the basis of which the excel in all subjects among students so these are the two ways by which we can learn language very effectively

Question 7. Does one’s age affect language learning?

Answer – Age is just a number in contemporary era age is not a sort of barrier in order to learn any new language what one needs is just interest curiosity and a reason to learn a language if one has all these three para metres then they can learn any language very easily despite any age barrier

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