Describe Your Dream Job

Describe Your Dream Job; You should say-

  • what is it?
  • Where did you hear it from?
  • How long do you want to do it?
  • Would you recommend this job to others?

Sample Answer of Describe Your Dream Job

Well, my dream job is to work as a professor at a University. I have a passion for the teaching profession. So I would like to work there, and I first heard about this job from my cousin, who has been working currently as a professor in a reputed University. She told me about the benefits of getting a job and securing a future there. So it fascinates me alot. I would like to be employed permanently there because I know that there are alot of opportunities when one can enhance his or her experience as well as upgrade his qualification.

So person will not get bored in the company of books as well as meeting new people because University doesn’t mean that one is bound to work round the clock. There are more chances to see cultural activities as well as doing some noble work for the students, and I would like to recommend this job to the persons, who have passion for teaching and who would like to expand their knowledge as well as broaden the horizon of their knowledge.

Follow-ups Describe Your Dream Job.

Question 1 Is money important in choosing a job?

Answer – Nowadays money is significant in choosing any kind of job because people do a job in order to earn a handsome income. If they don’t get a handsome income, then they remain unsatisfied, and definitely, they will not do their work effectively.

Question 2 What are the challenges employees are facing with the work from the home trend?

Answer – Work from home has made the employee’s life convenient, but I think it is more difficult for the employees because they can’t concentrate properly as well as they sometimes take a lot of time to meet their deadlines. They have become more lethargic.

Question 3 Is working from home more beneficial than working from the office?

Answer – Well, working from home is not beneficial if we compare it with working in an office because when people start to do work at home, they get disturbed by their family members. Sometimes there is a power cut, and sometimes they become lazy and don’t get up on time. So in order to make quality in work, they deteriorate quality. It is beneficial for them if they start to do work in the office because they maintain their routine and meet the deadlines in the office as well as remain enthusiastic about the work if they regularly go to the office.

Question 4 what are the disadvantages of working from home?

Answer  – Working from home is very disadvantageous because people become lazy and they spoil their regular routine. Moreover, they complete their work many days, and they suspend other work. So they don’t give their contribution properly in the betterment of the company.

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