Describe an Intelligent Person You Know

Describe an intelligent person you know. You should say:

  • who this person is
  • how you know this person
  • what this person does
  • and why do you think this person is intelligent

I think intelligence results from hard work, dedication and self-efficacy, and something not everyone can possess. Fortunately, I have been surrounded by many masterminds so far. And today, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about my ex-colleague, who I feel is just like a dictionary.
I met this person at my previous organization, and he was my senior. Although I am from a technical background and back then, I had a good command of various programming languages. He surprised me with his incredible knowledge of almost all the technologies.

He was proficient in coding, debugging, testing, deploying and, on top of all, an excellent problem solver. He has stupendous knowledge in almost everything that we could ask for, which made me amazed and inspired.

Follow-ups Describe an Intelligent Person You Know

Question.1 Are most Smart People Happy? Do You Think So?

Answer – Reasonably yes. As long as people are smart enough to overcome any challenges or solve any problems related to personal or professional.. they should be able to lead a happy life. For example, a smart person can handle work-life balance well, which definitely makes him happy.

Question.2 Do You think People with Intellect are Selfish?

Answer – I don’t think selfishness is tied to being intelligent. People become selfish when they feel like others should not be at my status; I mean, they can never see some other person growing. Even an intelligent person can also be selfish but not everyone, as it depends on people’s mentality, behaviour and attitude.

Question.3 Do You Agree that Smart People are Helpful?

Answer – As I said earlier, being helpful or being selfish is related to how we react to others and how much we consider others. In contrast, intelligence and smartness deal with our brains and knowledge, so it’s not necessary that a smart person can always be helpful to others.

Question.4 Who do you think plays a more important role in children’s education, parents or teachers? Why?

Answer – I suppose teachers’ role is a bit more significant than parent’s involvement in educating a child because teachers build the basic foundation and improves the educational levels as they are specifically qualified in those areas already. For example, a mother who is good at science cannot teach Maths to her child.

Question.5 What qualities do you think a good teacher should have?

Answer – I believe teachers must be patient enough to repeat the lectures and make students understand, and they must be punctual, helpful. They should be able to teach real-world experiences to students rather than just conceptual knowledge.

Question.6 How do teachers help children in their education?

Answer – Well… Instructors can observe childrens’ IQ levels and focus more on those children who cannot grasp things quickly so that these students can also be brought up to the level that is expected for their standards.

Question.7. Why are some children more intelligent than others?

Answer – Few people are born with some talents, and other few will become talented as they learn or experiment as part of their studies. We cannot compare children, and each child can definitely perform well in some of the other roles. I had a childhood friend who hadn’t shown much interest in academics while in school and is now a software developer in renowned organizations.

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