Describe Your Favourite City or One You Have Visited that You Like

Describe your favourite city or one you have visited that you like. You should say:-

  • What is its name, and where is it?
  • When you visit it?
  • Why did you like it?
  • And the major attractions in this city are.

Sample Answer of Describe Your Favourite City or One You Have Visited that You Like

My favourite city is Windock city, Namibia, in the Southern part of Africa.

I often visit Windock city within the six-month interval, and I just returned last month. The trip was a great one as the weather for the flight was friendly, and it wasn’t difficult for the pilot to navigate.

I like Windock city as the people are friendly to strangers. You don’t need to worry been a stranger in Windock city because the citizens are glad to give you any assistance in the direction you need. Windsock city has an excellent tourist centre that everyone loves to visit, just at the outskirts of the town, where you see wildlife that is well trained to be friendly to strangers at first sight, and you have the opportunity to play with nature of all kind excepts crocodiles that are not welcoming.

In Windock city, you can find enjoyable African cuisine varieties that have significant health benefits.

You always enjoy pleasant weather at Windock, and the sun is not harsh due to the cold in the region. Furthermore, the cost of living is charming and affordable.

There are plentiful attractions, places like the great waterfall, tall mountains, giant rocks at the seashore and the mysterious sea water and freshwater they meet at a point but can’t be mixed; you can identify them by their colour.

Part 3 Questions Describe Your Favourite City or One You Have Visited that You Like

Question 1:- In your opinion, what makes a city a good one to live in?

Answer – The low cost of living, the safety, good roads network, water, lights and other social amenities make a city an excellent place to live, when people can quickly get friendly and affordable accommodation it attracts people to the city, furthermore when there is always good supplies of products and services a low cost also make a city good to live in. Finally, the security of lives and properties and the city’s safety have also been considered.

Question 2:- What are the advantages of living in a city?

Answer – The advantages of living in the city are numerous, you have traditional schools at low cost, and the schools are easily accessible, good hospitals with qualified medical personnel that render good service to patients. In an emergency, the affected person can quickly get medical attention, the rate of infant mortality in the city is negligible, and those who engage in business are also successful.

Question 3:- What are the negative aspects of crowded cities?

Answer – The negative aspect of crowded cities is insecurity because the Government are unable to meet the need for security personnel due to overpopulation in the cities resulting in to increase in the crime rate. Delay in movement from one place to another due to traffic is discouraging, and one can spend hours in traffic due to the crowd and the rush by people to get to their destination. The cost of living is always on the rise in overpopulated cities. As we all know, when demand is higher than supply, there is always a price rise. Finally, crowded cities are highly polluted by toxic substances vehicles emit into the air, which affects our health.

Question 4:- How can governments improve living standards in crowded cities?

Answer – The Government can improve the standard of living in crowded cities by doing the following:

Build more infrastructure. For example, the more shopping mall is built, the more easily people have access to goods, and then the same goes for increases in places like hospitals and security workforce. Government need to increase the input in goods and services.

The construction of more road networks will improve the standard of living in the cities, and Government should also construct good train and bus stations that can carry people from one destination to another, which will decrease the use of private vehicles and reduce pollution from cars to the atmosphere. Cctv cameras must be placed on every street to capture daily activities, reducing criminal activities.

Question 5:- What about air quality? What can people do to improve the air quality in the city?

Answer – The quality of air in the city can be improved by sensitising people not to dispose of their waste where they like. Government need to provide garbage bin of all kind. For example, a container for plastic waste, a bin for waste papers, a compartment for waste food, etc., must be kept in separate places for the government waste management scheme to pick up accordingly. Also, people should avoid throwing things in drainage waterways. Those using private vehicles should always serve them to prevent air pollution. Finally, the environment should always be kept clean.

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