Describe Your First Day at School or College

Describe your first day at school or college

  • Where it was?
  • What happened,
  • how you feel on that day

Sample Answer of Describe Your First Day at School or College

School life plays a most important role in the life of a student. After completing the study from School, Children are admitted to college for their higher education. Now, here I want to discuss my first day in college. I was completed my 12th standard in 2018 then I was decided to take admission in college. Although the van facility is available from my hometown to college, I decided to go with my parents on the first day. My college was approximately 30 kilometres far away from my home. I was reached in college before I started class. When I have entered the class, then Nobody knew about me. There everyone is new to me. I took my seat on the last bench. After 5-10 minutes, two girls came on my bench then we introduced ourselves to one another. Then our class was started, and I felt very satisfied in this class. After five lectures, one teacher came into the classroom and asked that now this time is your break time. I shared my food with my new friends. When the break was over, we again came to class. So, about 4:30 pm, my college time was over, and I came back home about 6:00 pm. I felt very happy after spending my first day in college because there I have done a lot of enjoying with my friends. I have discussed everything with my all family members at night time that what happened in my day of college. So, This day had a remembered day for me. I can not forget my first day of college.

Follow-ups of Describe Your First Day at School or College

Question 1:- Do you think students should be taken to school by their parents or go by themselves?

Answer- According to my opinion, on Starting days, parents should go with their children because on these days, They do not know about anybody and there everything is new for them. After 5-6 days, Students go to school by themselves. At that time, they are able to acquire knowledge about the school environment.

Question 2:- Should children rely on their parents or be independent?

Answer- Students should not rely on their parents. They should be independent because If they depend on their parents, then they can face difficulties when they are alone. They are not able to take decisions by themselves.

Question 3:- How can children become more independent?

Answer- A number of factors are available that help children to become more independent. The first and foremost factor is that parents should give their own responsibility to children when children are reached at 5-6 years old. Children should have an obligation to make their own decision by themselves which makes children strong.

Question 4:- What is the effect if parents interfere with children’s life too much?

Answer- If parents do a lot of interfering in the life of children then we can see a number of negative impacts of this. Firstly, children are not able to make a decision without parents. Secondly, children can feel nervous when they go outside from home. Children can not completely grow under the interference of parents.

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