Describe Something that You Want to Learn More

Describe something that you want to learn more, You should say:

  • What it is
  • How you would learn it
  • Where you can learn it
  • and explain why you want to keep learning it.

Sample Answer of Describe Something that You Want to Learn More

There are many things in our lives that we have to learn and some things that we learn to upgrade ourselves so here I would like to learn driving i know how to drive a scooty but i didn’t know how to drive a car because for the long distance places I can’t go with scooty so yes i want to learn car i had found a tutor he is from a renowned company near my home who trained people to drive a car so i have hired him I will start learning driving just after clearing my ilets exam as after that I will be free some time so in that time I can learn to drive car and visit some exciting long distanced places where I always wanted to go but can’t go because I don’t know how to drive a car because it’s very accessible to visit those kinds of places with the car and similarly in my family my brother knows how to drive a car and if I will learn to drive car he will also get help and my family too whenever they want to go in car i will be able to take them so ya this the thing that I wish to learn more.

Follow-ups of Describe Something that You Want to Learn More

Question 1. What skills do students need to master?

Answer- they want to grab some creative skills that will help them in their studies, for example, they need to learn computer, painting and making some days that will help them to score high.

Question 2. Is it hard for students to learn new skills?

Answer- nowadays, no, it is not hard for students to learn some new skills because they have immense amenities. They can hire a tutor or join an academy to learn various skills which enhance their capabilities as they can have access easily.

Question 3. Is it hard for old people to learn new skills?

Answer- it depends on their ability to learn as I have my grandparents they were always keen to learn how to remote a smart tv and to learn to use a smartphone and they always were very ready to upgrade with us, and I see many old people in my vicinity that are not ready to learn new skills and living their life on their old principles and with old skills

Question 4. Is a good teacher very important for students learning experience? Why?

Answer- absolutely a good teacher who makes students learn their subjects and important lessons as well as important skills because he or she will always make students learn in a new and exciting way and will tell and do activities related to learning and make students grab the skills effectively.

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