Everyone Should Become Vegetarian Because They Do Not Need to Eat Meat

Everyone should become vegetarian because they do not need to eat meat to have a healthy diet. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In terms of healthcare, people should have a balanced diet to make them healthy. However, people are not required to eat meat to obtain proteins because they also get those from vegetables. That is why some people think that people should become vegetable eaters as it contains lots of nutrition that the human body’s needs. In my opinion, I strongly agree that people should stop eating meat because meat can cause diseases and eating vegetables bring a good environment.

To begin with, people should become vegetarian because eating meat can create diseases such as an increase in blood pressure and cholesterol. People consume too much fat in the meat every day, the excessive amount of meat consumption in the body becomes overloaded. For example, people eat pork, beef, chicken in their diets, and they don’t do much exercise so that those meat doesn’t fully convert or transform to contribute to other organs. This leads to having high blood pressure and high cholesterol, which affect lung problems, heart disease, and blood clots.

Secondly, being a vegetarian can keep a friendly environment. Without the demand for meat contribution to the market, fewer animals’ farms exist because it helps reduce the number of chemical substances such as fertilizers and pesticides that people use in the livestock. For instance, people use those kinds of chemicals to inject into the animals to prevent certain kinds of diseases and infections. As a result, the pollution from feeding animals impacts the environment.

In conclusion, meat and vegetables are both rich in proteins and nutrition. People should replace meat with vegetables to prevent diseases and pollution to the environment. From my perspective, people should consider being vegetarians as vegetables also make you healthy and protect the environment simultaneously.

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