Experts Say Older People Were Happier and Healthier in The Past

Experts say older people were happier and healthier in the past because they did more exercise and spent more time with family and friends, whereas many now suffer from loneliness and health problems. What are the causes of this, and what are some solutions?

It is debated by the majority of people older citizens enjoyed happier and healthier life because they mostly spent their time on physical activities and their love ones while others believe that nowadays, people are suffering many health issues as well as they are feeling alone. This essay will explicate problems such as a surge in the work pressures and households’ responsibilities. The solution to this issue is that companies organize fitness events.

To begin with, a group of individuals believe that less involvement of civilians in a physical workout and excessive workloads, as well as busy schedules, are the major causes of unhealthy lifestyles. Moreover, they usually work 8 to 10 hours in their workplace. Some of the time, they do overtime to get a promotion, and they spend 2 to 3 hours extra for this purpose. Therefore, people do have not enough time for exercise and their family members as well. A recent survey shows that 75 per cent of persons who suffer health problems lack physical exercise and hectic lifestyles. As a result, there are many health issues that can be seen like obesity, heart disease, etcetera.

How can we overcome this situation? The reason behind this is that if the company authorities provide health clubs for their employees, it will reduce the health crisis. Furthermore, they announce that it is mandatory for the workers to enrol in a fitness club, or they also issue a health card. However, it is essential for employers to reduce the work burden. If these things happen, it will improve the health condition, and they are likely to spend their quality of time with their family. For example, there are many international companies who provide health equipment’s to their staff to stay fit. As a consequence, office workers are more concreting on their work, and they are far away from any disease.

To conclude, there is a lack of exercise and due to hectic schedules likely to increase health issues. If the owner of the workplace offers the fitness centre, it would lead to an improve the state of health.

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