Friendly Robots Are Now Being Developed to Help People at Work and At Home

Friendly robots are now being developed to help people at work and at home. Do you think the positive effects of this development outweigh the negative? Give reasons for your answer and include relevant examples from your knowledge or experience.


With the tremendous influence of modernization, the rate of the robotics industry has been proliferating at a rapid pace. Similarly, in this contemporary era, robots are commencing to penetrate into both home and work environments. In my perspective, robots have partially positive effects on the life of individuals, which I shall elaborate in the forthcoming paragraphs.

To begin with, what are the positive consequences of using robots. There is no denial of the fact that robots can work more efficiently and quickly, which will be beneficial to human beings in future. To be more precise, individuals can complete their target on time with full accuracy, which improves their work position. In addition to this, robots play an essential role in nuclear power and construction industries as it is extremely dangerous for a human to work in these companies, so robots will provide safety to all employees by performing perilous tasks. Last but not least, it is more natural than humans to become irritated quickly from repetitive jobs. However, it will make it excessively easy for robots to perform similar tasks continuously. Due to this, they not only enhance their productivity but also reduces the workload of individuals. For instance, a poll was conducted by the government in India highlighting the fact that 75% of work is easily done by artificial intelligence.

Nonetheless, despite having positive outcomes of robots, people have not neglected its downward side; it is a matter of fact that many reports have proven that introduction of robots in every sector has reduced the number of human workers. A survey conducted by UNO established that 50% of people lose their job as far robots enter companies. Furthermore, the robot is a machine that can be controlled by people, but if bad people manage it, then it will be proved very dangerous to society. In other words, a country’s security systems are controlled by robots, so it could be hazardous as they can hack the security system because, in that way, authorities cannot do anything.

To conclude, from consideration of the above analysis, it can be transparent that even though the use of robots may have adverse consequences on the development of civilization, I believe the benefits far more than the drawbacks. I also opine that authorities and corporations should use robots but only in that area in which humans get benefits.

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