Government Funding Should Be Used to Support Sports and The Arts in School Rather than Professional Sports

Government funding should be used to support sports and the arts in school rather than professional sports and arts for the general public. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

It is considered individual government funds should be used for extracurricular activities in school. However, most people believe it is used for local public activities. In my opinion, I partially agree with this statement because it is really needed for both due to they learn different skills rather than they earn money from their talent.

To commence with, there are a number of reasons why the government should spend their funds on school students. To explain, the majority of students can’t pay their fees and learn extra activities, due to which government funds can help poor students show their hidden talent as they learn more about sports and arts. For example, according to the news of BBC, 80% of students can’t show their talent in interesting activities. So, government funds are really necessary for economically weaker students.

On the other hand, there are a plethora of reasons why government funds can help the general public. To elaborate, when government spend funds on big fairs and keeps different competitions related to art and sports, the government provides monetary prizes for winning teams, which is very helpful for the general public. For instance, In Amritsar, the Pitex fair plays an important role in local public life because they earn money as well as keep different shops.

In conclusion, although government funds are very helpful for the student and the general public, from my point of view, the government should give funds to needy people, and they fulfil their needs.

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