Hand-writing has become less formal and it is done in a more relaxing way

Hand-writing has become less formal

and it is done in a more relaxing way, now than in the past. What are the causes?

There are more advantages or disadvantages?

Sample Answer 1:


Of late, digitalization has changed the concept of hand-writing. Every section of society has been replaced with a digital solution and go-green concept, and as a result significant of handwriting has been drastically reducing and becoming less popular in the present scenario than in the past. This essay will shed light on the cause of this phenomenon as well as this change has been positive although there is a downside too. However, merits aged over the demerits.

paragraph 1:

Psychologists admit that handwriting tells about a person’s character. But, nowadays people are losing their writing skills and are using informal way more and find it easier to write. I consider this attitude has more disadvantages than advantages.

paragraph 2:

The first and formost lifestyle of people is more responsible. People have a hectic schedule and due to it leading to a sedentary lifestyle. So, when it comes to writing anything formally, they show less interest and find it easy to write in an informal way. In addition to it, Social media has a tremendous impact on the handwriting of the people. People use social sites such as Facebook, what’s an app, Instagram, and do not write formally. For example, they write coz and lol which is understood by others wrongly. For people, it can be lots of love or a lot of laughs, and the former can because and because. So, it shows that people are less aware of writing anything by using rules of grammar.

paragraph 3:

Moving further, by adopting such an attitude really proves a big obstacle in the way of some employee’s promotion. Due to a lack of knowledge of grammar, people feel ashamed in front of their employers and colleagues. To cite an example, in the bygone days, Chief Minister of Punjab expressed his disappointment with the PCS officers who were unable to write a letter informal way. O such kinds of things provide laughter among people and people raise questions on their identity. The incapability of writing formally has disheartened the minds of the people and they feel different and avoid learning in an innovative way. Thus they lag-behind.


In conclusion: So, it is not only the fault of people who use a more informal way of writing other aspects of social sites, a culture of society and diffidence also makes them use a more informal way.

This is the end of writing task 1:: (Hand-writing has become less formal and it is done in a more relaxing way)

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