Describe an invention that has changed people’s life

Describe an invention that has changed people’s life

  • what it is
  • who invented it
  • when it was invented
  • and explain how it changed people’s life. 

Describe an invention that has changed people’s life

Thanks for giving me such an interesting topic. There are numerous invention that that has been done in the last two decades like invention of computer, airplane, medical, automobiles etc. But the invention of mobile phone has totally changed the whole world. I would like to share it with you briefly.

Nowadays, everyone is using the mobile for several purposes. We can call anyone, anytime, and from anywhere in the world and can talk to him no matter how far we are from him/her. This is widely considered the greatest achievement because before the invention of mobile phone. We did not have any way with which we could talk with anyone from anywhere. That time, it was necessary to have the person close to you if you wanted to make a conversation with him. Not only this, mobile phone has replaced letter service as we can send any kind of message to anyone in just a one click and he will get your message instantly. As we know that we had to wait for more than 5 days to transfer our message to any of our known person.

Nowadays, mobile phone has become an integral and indispensable part of human’s life. Because nowadays people start using mobile phones to entertain themselves as they start passing their free time by listening songs in mobile, watching and making videos, surfing social websites via internet and so on. It is so beneficial for older persons but nowadays younger generation has started using it in a wide range. It helps to boost everyone’s business as anyone can easily manage their business by talking to his employees through mobile phone whether he is in company or not. According to me, mobile phone has given our world a new life and the work has started completing in a smart way. But we have to be aware of its negative consequences because people also are becoming addicted with it.

Describe an invention that has changed people’s life

Describe an invention that has changed people’s life

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