Having More Money and Less Free Time is Better Than Earning

Having more money and less free time is better than earning less money and having more free time. Discuss both views and state your opinion.



Leisure time is always an inexplicable approach towards relaxation of mind and body. Some people prefer to enjoy their life with a small amount of money in order to get extra time for their personal development. However, some believe that it is the fundamental need of life in spite of having extra time for their own. Personally, I strongly advocate the former view. This essay will dilate on both sides using examples from the Indian government and the UK government to demonstrate points and prove arguments.


On the one hand, there is ample, powerful, almost daily evidence that people are struggling to get at the top in the cut-throat-competitive era which requires improvised skills at every walk of life. Whereas, people are failed to understand that with the monetary benefits, one needs some mental peace too. Driven by the need for higher income, it is gloomy to see people struggling daily, which can have major repercussions in the future. For example, recent scientific research by the Indian government demonstrated that 80% of people spend more time meeting the desired goals of their professional life, regardless, of your family responsibilities as well as their cognitive development. As a result, it is making them isolated and has a damaging effect on mental health as well as encourages a sedentary lifestyle.


On the other hand, although there are significant downsides of having less money and more extra time, its’ multifold advantages cannot be denied. This is largely because a good amount of extra time can lead you to focus on your passion as well as broadening the horizon of knowledge. Moreover, this innovation can lead to intellectual benefits for both the person as well as the posterity. For example, a recent Uk government study showed that the following passion can – within the span of seconds – lead to the development of innovative ideas that can bring change in the creative thinking and ideation process. Such positivistic and innovative pondering in extra time clearly improves persons’ mental abilities and result in being the jack of all trades.


To reiterate, I strongly feel that people should spare some extra time for their personal life and stress less about earning more money. Needless to say, if money could have bought all the happiness in today’s era, everyone would have been the happiest on this earth.

So this the Sample Answer of Having more money and less free time is better than earning Writing Task 2

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