In Many Countries, People Do Not Recycle Their Rubbish as Much as They Could

In many countries, people do not recycle their rubbish as much as they could. Why do you think this is? What can be done to change this?

Inescapably, burgeoning litter material has become one of the challenging issues in this concurrent period. It cannot be denied that the contemporary world does not follow the process of recycling waste things. This may occur due to the hectic schedule of people or less awareness regarding this phenomenon. Causes, along with applicable measures in order to mitigate this problem, will be articulated in forthcoming paragraphs.

The predominant factor behind people who are not recycling is that people do not find enough time due to their busy schedules. Seemingly, the masses have become materialistic and are just in the race to get an abundance of goods. Henceforth, seeking time for recycling is practically not possible for them. Additionally, multifarious folks are not well informed regarding the merits of recycling. Moreover, they are not educated enough and find trouble in order to dispose of their garbage. To exemplify, according to a survey recorded in 2021, 9 out of 10 people are not familiar with the process of recycling rubbish. Thus, these causes, as mentioned above, can be considered the prominent stem roots behind them.

Although it is a grave concern to deal with, numerous steps can be followed by high authorities as well as the common public.
Significantly, the government should educate people about the productive consequences of recycling for the ecosystem. For instance, Adding a chapter on the environment and recycling things in the school curriculum can benefit learners at an early age. Besides, the public should make enough efforts to tackle this obstacle.

To recapitulate, even though several factors are responsible for it; however, with pragmatic methods, this problem can be alleviated. So, the government and the public can conduct many measures to clean the environment.

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