Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked: Recent Speaking Cue Card

Talk About A Fountain You Liked

  • Where is it?
  • How do you learn about it?
  • Describe the fountain.
  • Why do you like it so much?

Sample 1 Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

I only know a few fountains. We all know that they are the founder of two types: Indoor fountains and outdoor fountains. Yeah, I want to talk about one of the outer fountains in Abu Nakki Lake.

Abu is one of the best for Gujarati people. I came to know about this fountain in 2001 or 2002. This lake also has historical things related to it. Was this whole lake dug by the nail of one of the kings?

Between this whole lake or these fountains is situated, and we can also go boating around it, and I can have some water droplets to come over it while boating.

So we can enjoy the booting ride as well as take enjoyment of the fountain also. Sawai like this fountain very much.

Sample 2 Talk About A Fountain You Really Liked

Well, I love living in India, a diverse nation, and I know many fountains in my country constructed by the government and experts. Also, it enhances the beauty of nature and buildings. Moreover, I like the most when water falls downward wh, ich I feel relaxed. Generally speaking, I often visited malls and parks with my kith kin to rejuvenate themselves. All the experience is haulier for me.

However, today I would love to share a time when I visited the park where a modern fountain builds near my locality. Admittedly, I heard from my friend related to appearance, which was astonishing and attractive. After the conversation, I decided to reach over there once, and in the evening, I visited the park with family members. When I saw it, I felt a calm dog with two tails; It was outstanding and gorgeous.

Moreover, it is tall, 1.78 meters and surrounding, an alternative class was used to fascinate everyone. From that day, I started running at that place, and I noticed that many people preferred playing games and exercising.

The fountain in the shape of a mermaid, and the more important thing is that in the evening time footfall increased, and be the colour of the water changed by the lights, which was soothing to me. First I saw I could not let my eyes clothes. In addition, in recent times, uncountable visitors enjoyed movement due to it being near the golden temple.

All in all, I felt overwhelmed, and now I visit daily and enjoy myself with the masses over there also suggested to my cousin, sister and brother to see one’s time in life.

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