In Many Countries, People Now Wear Western-Style Dress Such as Suits

In many countries, people now wear western-style dress such as suits and jeans rather than traditional clothing. Why is this? Is this a positive or negative development?

Yes, it’s true nowadays people prefer to wear modern attire like suits, jeans, dresses, pants, etc., as compared to traditional clothing. It has almost lost its charm. There are many reasons which have affected such changes. I will try to explain some of them in the paragraph below.

We are living in the internet age where everyone is well versed about trending fashion. Whether kids, women, girls/boys of any age, men, everyone has one role model whom they admire and wants to dress like them. Ex. Girls get very fascinated with the clothing of their favorite actress and end up buying either the same or similar attire. Online shopping has also boosted this, where they showcase different fashion tips and ideas. These days even younger ones have their fashion models, which they pick from cartoons or kids’ movies like Cinderella.

Stating further, People feel more comfortable and presentable in modern attire on both personal and professional occasions. They have a misconception in their mind that if they wear traditional attire, everyone will think he/she is outdated, so I think there is peer pressure also.

However, in my opinion, it’s a negative change. I understand we are living in modern society, but we should not forget our traditions. We can wear modern attire and traditional attire too. Traditional clothing also has many different patterns which can be used as professional wear, like a simple saree can be used as office wear. We should always stick to our traditions/roots.

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